Dumbledore Vs Gandalf - showdown

Ok so Gandalf can whup a Balrog, and make pretty fireworks, but Dumbledore just doesn’t need to show off like that. Hes so self - assured and confident who knows what powers he has. When he does use them its only when he really needs to and he makes no fuss about it like it was nothing.

So my moneys with big D - what about you?

Alright, lemme explain something to you. There are evil people, powerful evil people, and first liutenants to the incarnation of evil in your universe. Dumbledore dealt with one and two. Gandalf dealt with all of them. Draw yer own conclusion.

Gandalf is two steps below god, no contest.

Gandalf is a “servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor.” You saw what he did to the Balrog. That was no small potatoes.

He could soooo kick Dumbledore’s ass there and back again (to borrow a phrase from Bilbo).

'nuff said.

He uses more magic than Gandalf for everyday things and never btthers to get involved in the important stuff. Gandalf doesn’t use any such thing until Moria.

Gandalf, with hardly a finger lifted by Dumbledore. He’s been around for thousands of years and seen things Dumbledore wouldn’t even dare have nightmares of.

Funny, I had this very conversation with my 8-year-old daughter. Dumbledore basically is the headmaster of an elementary school for wizards-in-training, and he can’t even keep that in control. He is constantly being bailed out by Harry, Hermione & Ron. Hell, Hagrid could kick his ass.

Gandalf would be on him like ugly on an ape.

There’s an old saying: “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” (My apologies to teachers.) I think that applies here. Gandalf is a practicing wizard; Dumbledore is an academic. Gandalf had trouble with Saruman, and does anyone here think Dumbledore could take HIM? I hope not.

I offer http://www.grudge-match.com/History/gandalf-dumbledore.shtml
as a cite in my favor. One opinion from this page that sums up my feelings nicely:

[DA Jesus] Wat iz dis’ bullll-shiit? You think you waltz in here and start this thread when I start a TWO PAGE thread on the same thing, and way better than you thread? I shove this thread up your ass and hit “Submit” until it go ‘click.’[/DA Jesus]

Yes there was a previous thread on this topic; all good. But I think the pro-Gandalf arguments in this thread are fantastic. Go Gandalf.

Ah yes, Grudge Match. I love that site.

Everyone here do yourselves a tremendous favor and check out the Silver Medal Grudgie response. That is classic stuff, worthy of all praise. Why it didn’t beat that craptastic Gold Medal Grudgie response, I’ll never know. Trust me, you freaks love silly poetry. This is worthy of legend especially the final stanza.


I love Dumbledore but Gandalf could whoop his butt blindfolded. And I think apes are kind of cute lost4life.:wally

Gandalf, of course, it’s a no-brainer. Here’s a better one: The Elfwar! Elrond v. Dobby! Elrond has it all in brains, strength and magic – but could he use them? Dobby would act so servile and flattersome that Elrond would just have to walk away in embarrassment.

No, Dobby vs. Gollum: War of the CGI!

Gollum strangles Dobby in his sleep. Dobby enjoys it.

Anakin vs. HP!

Hermione vs. Pippin!

Treebeard vs. the whomping willow!

Draco Malfoy vs. Wormtongue!

Gandalf would kick Dumbledore’s ass with one hand, while holding the newspaper with the other and continuing his breakfast throughout…

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Both characters are Computer Generated Images in the movies.

You mean…they’re not real?