Gandalf Vs. Dumbledore

The title says it all!

Personally, I think Dumbledore would whip Gandalf without breaking a sweat. Maiar of Valinor my patushkin.:smiley:

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Gotta go with Gandalf, buddy. Gandalf was one of only three people in Middle Earth powerful enough to see the Balrog, let alone fight it. The other two being Sauron and Saruman. It would be a hell of a fight, though.

But surely Voldie is as powerful as Sauron, and DD has no trouble on that front.:stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, McGonagall vs. Gandalf. McGonagall would END Gandalf.:slight_smile:

And where is Test your movie Knowledge today?

Tag Team: DD and McG Vs. Gandalf and Saruman.

Wizards still win, though.
I’m going to stat part VI tomorrow morning, for a Sunday Extravaganza!

What kind of a wimpy wizard can’t even beat down death?

Besides, the world of HP has a dearth of intervening deities. Gandalf is a servitor of the head of Middle-Earth’s pantheon. Everyone’s favorite monochrome wizard in one round.

I’m gonna have to go with Gandalf, if only because he actually has a weapon. It’d be hard for Dumbledore to get a spell off with Glamdring shoved in his throat.

Gandalf. If he can beat a bigass fire monster and come out simply BLEACHED, he can beat his equal by becoming gandalf the clear.

Gandalf is an immortal being who is the offspring of the thought of the Creator himself, before the universe was made. Gandalf took part in the creation of the material universe. When Gandalf speaks a word of Command, the physical universe obeys him.

Dumbledore’s just this guy…

Tsk. The Great Gazoo would pimp-slap both those bitches and call them “Dum-Dums.”

Yeah, but Gandalf can’t use his powers directly. Or, well, isn’t supposed to. So, unless Gandalf got Glamdring, as Spudo so elegantly put it, shoved down Dumbledore’s throat, I’m going with the Headmaster.

Tom Bombadil would wipe the floor with both of them, though…

Naw, ol’ Tom-without-a-father doesn’t do that sort of thing. He would just sort of idly ignore whatever they did, without reacting in any way, and he wouldn’t even look stubborn in doing so.

But on Gandalf vs. Dumbledore, I’m gonna have to ask for a scenario where they fight. The classic superhero misunderstanding doesn’t work, here, since they’re both such astute judges of character. The closest I can come is Dumbledore vs. Saruman, where Big Albus would win easily, but then again, Gandalf won easily against ol’ Sharky, too, so that doesn’t say much.

Well, you can’t just dismiss Gandalf’s inability to use his powers directly to affect Middle-Earth. McGonagall herself says that Dumbledore has powers he won’t use, and Dumbledore is coy about the answer. They appear to labor under the same constraint of being Good Guys.

Not only that, but Gandalf knows two hundred spells just for opening doors. (“I once knew every spell in the tongue of Men, Elves and Orcs ever used for such a purpose. I can still remember ten score of them without searching in my mind.” --paraphrase from FotR)

Gotta go with the big G, I’m afraid.


Bah. Merlin would layeth the smacketh down on both their withered candy-asses. But if you threw Aslan into the mix…

Dumbeldore is mortal. Despite all his powers, he simply hasn’t been around all that long.

Even if you assume G-Money and D-Spank are roughly equal intellectually, G-Money has thousands of years more training, practice, and tobacco.

“G-Money” and “D-Spank”

begins cleaning up the iced tea he spilled all over his keyboard.

One disarming charm from Dumbly and Gandalf is a sitting duck. Give me the D-man.



Hmmm, let me think:

One whose magic relies heavily on the crutch it calls a wand and without said wand, much of his powers are useless.
Or one who can just use magic.
I’m gonna go with Gandalf.
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