Duplicate names in "About"

If i click on the hamburger menu button and select “about”, i get a page showing all
admins and mods - but all their names are duplicated, eg Chronos Chronos.
Is that normal ?

That’s where a custom title should go. I guess the software just copied the username during the transition.

ETA: Actually… not sure what’s going on there. What_Exit is followed by What Exit? and Aspenglow has Reluctant Adult.

Then the software is an ass.
(as in donkey, not posterior)

I missed that one…

Not many people know that the ex-Secretary-General of the U.N. was called Boutros Ghali before he joined SDMB.

Checked my other D-boards, and none of them do that. You can change yours if you want by going to Preferences>Account and putting something in the Name box.

Don’t get me started on Sirhan.

The What_Exit type names should be a database field and the What Exit? Is what should be displayed but discourse doesn’t do this for some reason.

It is showing both in this case, same as if you click on a user profile.

Oh well. Not some right wing conspiracy as i first suspected !
Cheers all.

Discourse includes a field for username (which is subject to some restrictions), and also an optional field for real name (which is not subject to those restrictions). vBulletin did not have a real name field at all, so when the Discourse translation software ran, it put the vBulletin usernames in the “real name” field, and put the best approximation it could in the “username” field. So, for instance, the moderator from New Jersey used to be called What Exit?, and that’s still what shows in his real name field, but Discourse can’t handle spaces or question marks in usernames, so it turned his username into @What_Exit.

Actually, the database field SHOULD be just a number, which most users would never even need to worry about (it’d be part of the URL for a user profile page or the like, so not secret, but not anything anyone would care about).

That is true and there probably is a hidden numeric index for the name table.

The username field is needed to construct the Discourse URLs. But the Real Name field should be the display name.

That would be a hassle given that it’s user-editable and most people don’t bother filling it out.

It would be helpful, though, since some foreign characters cannot be entered into the username field, and that can really screw up a pre-Discourse username. Some Finnish pals o’ mine had a real nightmare with it.