...during Community, Dan Harmon sexually harassed writer Megan Ganz.

…about a week ago Dan Harmon posted on twitter that this was the year of the Arsehole, and that included him. One of his old writers, Megan Ganz, replied, the entire exchange happened here.

The conversation is kinda cryptic.

But on today’s Harmontown Dan Harmon comes clean.

It starts at 18 minutes 38 seconds in.

There is no transcript yet. But Harmon doesn’t hold back. He admits everything. Harmon talks about at least two years of harassment (as far as I can tell) and he implies that this was one of the reasons he was kicked off the show.

I was almost going to title this thread “Harmon apologises to Ganz.” But I realized that that would minimize what Harmon did. As apologies go in the #metoo era this apology was about as raw and honest as you can get: and Ganz accepts it. But that shouldn’t minimize just how much of an arsehole Harmon was.

It really recontextualizes Community for me. I loved the Harmon era. I haven’t even seen watched season 4 out of an (apparently) misguided loyalty to Harmon. Ganz wrote two episodes in season 4, was the executive story editor for the whole season and credited as a producer for 13 episodes. And I’ve just realized that when Harmon was “mocking” the writing in Season 4, he was really singling out Ganz. Yuck.

I’m going to have to watch Season 4 to see what goodness I’ve missed.

An ellipsis does not mean “this is the start of what I’m about to say”

…thank you for your positive contribution to the thread. I’ve started everything I’ve posted the exact same way since 1997 and I’m not going to stop now. Please feel free to expand on your thoughts in the appropriate forum.

I heard this on the Harmontown podcast as I was listening to it yesterday morning. Sad to hear, but not really unsurprising given Harmon’s narcissism and reputation of being difficult to work with. His apology was good, though of course it doesn’t excuse the behavior.

It certainly does put his attitude toward Community season 4 in a new light. However, I watched the season as it aired and while it does have a few gems, it also has a lot of duds and just didn’t feel like the same show that it had been. Ultimately, Harmon has no one to blame for that but himself.

I hadn’t heard about this, but I checked out the podcast after reading the OP. Good for Ganz for calling him out and good for him for admitting it publicly and being so contrite. While I enjoyed “Community” I was never a Dan Harmon fangirl, and happily continued to watch after he left.

Oddly enough, people have been bugging me to watch “Rick & Morty” for the last few years. I had checked out the initial episodes and just couldn’t continue due to Rick’s incessant burping. Ugh, gross. But last week I managed to binge my way through all 3 seasons (thankfully, the burping subsided for the most part) while busy doing other stuff. I wasn’t blown away at all, in the way everyone was telling me I would be. I think I just can’t get on board with the Cult of Harmon. I was happy to learn that a handful of my friends that have similar TV tastes to me said they didn’t like it either. Something about Harmon’s style just doesn’t sit with me.

I will admit that I did become more interested in Season 3. It was much better than the previous two. And after I watched it I learned that they had balanced out the writing staff with more women (and made the sister character more powerful and more included). Some male fans of the show freaked out about this online, and harassed the female writers, and Harmon put those guys on blast. So that’s cool.

Still doesn’t excuse what he did to Ms. Ganz, nor does his apology. But at this point Harmon has humbled himself and changed his ways, and he’s being proactively "part of the solution.Ganz has accepted his apology, so I’m all good with it. I mean, it doesn’t involve me anyway.

On a semi-related note, I watched James Franco’s appearance on Colbert this week and the whole thing was awkward. Colbert confronted him about allegations from Ally Sheedy, Franco said he had no idea what he did but wanted to do something. He didn’t know what to do. And he kept saying he didn’t know what to do, but never once said “I need to speak with Ally or someone who knows her side of the story, and we can talk it out like adults.” I don’t know why that didn’t come up as an option, and it super bugs me.

Doing something wrong is okay if you’ve been doing it long enough? Interesting position to take in this thread.

Moving on, as far as I can tell Dan Harmon is the first accused person to admit what he did was wrong. Others have either denied accusations entirely or made half-hearted apologies (“I apologize to the extent that my behavior may have been perceived as wrong by other people and also fully condemn sexual harassment in general without admitting I personally committed any provable acts of sexual harassment.”) Harmon seems to be the first person to say “I did this and I was wrong to do it.”

He’s using that fact as evidence that he’s not making the mistake he was accused of making. He’s explaining that it’s a stylistic choice, not a misunderstanding of the meaning of the ellipses.

I’ve come to the reluctant conclusion that none of our idols are actually very shiny, if you look closely enough. I still have hope for Mark Hamill and Fred Rogers, though.

A quick googling suggests that this pairing breaks Rule 34.

Buzzfeed has the full transcript here. It’s pretty long so I can’t just paste it here, sorry. You’ll have to click through.

i don’t see why idols are different than anyone else. Well, maybe Mister Rogers.


OK, lets cut all of the talk about the use of ellipsis in this thread. If you want to criticize (or counter-criticize) someone about it, take it to the Pit.

That sucks. I am in fact a fan of his. Both Community and Rick & Morty are favorites of mine. Without jumping down the emotional rabbit hole of learning more details, it sounds like the whole thing was handled maturely. Being run off the show he created is a pretty extreme consequence, which hints at the extent of his behavior.

All of our idols are certainly dead, maybe the only reason I’m not more disappointed is I have no expectations from anyone I admire. Even Mandela did some shit things.

No, I am not excusing the shit things. Just making an unhappy commentary on the state of reality.

“It’s my estimation that everyone ever got a statue made of him was one sort of sumbitch or another.”