DV-R and VCRs

I will be getting a DV-R installed at home soon (using the generic name because it is not TiVo). But is it a fairly simple matter for me to transfer something I recorded on the DV-R to a VHS tape to save space or give to someone else?

On mine, yes.

The TV is hooked to the VCR is hooked to the DVR.

If I want to record what I’ve recorded, I follow these steps:

  • Turn TV on to channel 3
  • Turn VCR on to channel 3
  • Turn DVR/cable box to recorded list
  • Start tape
  • Play show on DVR

If it was was a TiVo, there is an inbuilt feature which makes transfer to VHS (or DVD recorder) really easy.

Thanks, I just want to know that I can still help out my gadget deficient friends.