Dwarf Fortress Q. (old version)

for those that dont know there is a new DF out and its gone 3D!!!
ok so you can dig up and down instead of just one level. also its gotten all crazy with the way you start and a bunch of other stuff but thats beside the point.
so I gave in and gave this game another try after finding a version with nice graphics included (thanks dopers)

first thing
HOW THE F–K do you get a deer out of a cage once its caught? the wiki is no help, the cage sits in the animal storage area with a deer in it, I want to eat the deer, and make stuff from its skin and skeleton but it just sits there in its cage MOCKING ME!!!
the next thing, I used the “Export Local BMP” in an attempt to get a picture of my lever room of death so I could actually do something crazy like put labels on the levers but I cant find the damn .bmp files anywhere.

that said (or asked) anyone playing the new version yet? anyone found a nice version with better graphics yet?

anyone up for the Boatmurdered style game?

Hmm . . . I could potentially be persuaded towards a little Boatmurdered.

We did one a while back. Ah, here it is. The demons got us in the end.

I absolutely love dwarf fortress in both incarnations, but I really wish that they would work on the control scheme: if the controls were standardized and somehow made more accessible, I think that would go a long way towards recruiting new players.

I definitely wanted to love that game. But it needs a control interface overall, a bit better wiki, and graphics at least equal to Castle of the Winds before I can convince myself to devote the time needed.

It may be the case that the asciifest is what the developers want, but personally I’d be a much happier gamer if they were to bring someone in to do a graphics overhaul. Personally, I think that even an extremely simplistic 2.5D projection and polygonal graphics would go a really long way towards making the game transparent.

yeah the graphics are pretty ass, I am using a version I found here with better graphics and it helped alot.

I really agree with the over all U.I. needing a major overhaul though, its a royal pain in the ass when you want to turn all your dwarves hauling tasks on for some reason or another.

anyway the real question is still looking for an answer

CAGES??? how the hell do I get critters out of them?
oh and I found the stupid saved image with a .bmp search, I dont know what I was smoking but they were in the game folder in plain veiw.

If I remember correctly, you need to train the animals before you can slaughter them. Doesn’t make sense to me, but thems the breaks.

I havn’t really used cages much, but what I did what I did was,

  1. Build and set the trap.
  2. Build a couple cages.
  3. Once the animal is trapped, designate a stockpile for animals.
  4. Build a cage(as a building from the building menu)
  5. Wait for the cage-building to be moved and constructed.
  6. Go to the cage-building, and select animals from the animal stockpile to be transfered into it from the menus.
  7. Wait for the animal to be transfered to the cage.*
  8. Build a lever.
  9. Connect the lever to the cage building.
    10 Pull the lever to open the cage.

The animal is then released. It was such a rediculous pain in the ass that I didn’t bother with it much. And I never gotten around to looking for a simpler way, if the newer versions have one.

  • As I recall there was some issue with this step, as wild animals would sometimes injure the dwarf taking it to the cage-building. However You can train the animal while it is in the cage in the stockpile.

ok at least now I dont feel so bad about not being able to figure it out, holy crap thats a pain in the ass.

thanks for the info, now to build a room for stupid cages

You know… I was going to add that you had to build something too, but I couldn’t remember what. I was afraid it would be something obvious, so I just left that out. Seeing wolfman’s answer, I don’t feel so bad having forgotten.