e-greetings cards – a caged match !!

I approach tomorrow with a sense of imminent foreboding. It seems likely that, along with the rest of the world, I might be the happy recipient of a couple of e-greeting Valentine cards and will feel inadequate unless armed with the ability to respond in kind. About this subject I know not a lot.

So people, what’s your e-greeting web site of choice ?
And may I take this opportunity to wish the good ladies of the SDMB in-boxes’s brimming with the fruits of masculine endeavour.

OK, I don’t want to offend or exclude the non-hetro community so please amend that in your minds to read just ‘endeavour’.

I think you’ve got it. egreetings.com is a pretty nice site, and one I like to use. Matter of fact, I did send one from there to my sister. :slight_smile:

Well LC, I’ll be honest with you. While I thoroughly enjoy e-cards and the like, I plan on just sending e-mails. Not as fancy, no…but I’m a jabberbox and I like to expound on my love for my poor, helpless friends. That, and I don’t particularly like any of the card sites I’ve found. Just odd tastes, I guess.

I do like the ‘boxes brimming with fruits of endeavor’ comment. I like it very much.