Good e-card sites

I lost a bunch of bookmarks, including all my good e-card sites. Yesterday was my brother’s birthday – tomorrow is my college bf’s – I need some good cards.

Any recommendations?

I’ve been using Amazon’s e-cards since BlueMountain went pay. I’m sure it’s not the best (I didn’t bother to look further once I found it) but it works just fine. Some of the cards are pretty clever. has some pretty decent cards too.

A great selection of different sites is available at

I like Action Cat’s cards, Amy Brown’s cards, there are loads of cards on this site, Gargoyle postcards, Angelwinks, AngelEyes2, Mighty Fortress, The Sands of Time, Jessica Galbreth and 1001 Postcards. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Janet Chui, and Robin Wood used to have free e-cards on their sites, but don’t anymore. :frowning: Yahoo!'s e-cards aren’t too bad, they have some cute free cards. I can make do with them in a pinch.

This one has been fun

And here’s another fun one from Crayola, for kids or adults

Drat! Missed the edit window. Here is what I wanted to add, about the third link I posted: I see several of the sites linked on that site don’t work, but some still do. Here is the main page of that site.

This one sends “customized cartoon” cards. Not sure what they charge.

If they know a foreign language, try Yahoo foreign sites like this one

Like gargoyles?

Like museum art?


Tacky old postcards from the 20’s to 70’s

General animated

Magic 8 Ball

Fantasy art

Excellent, folks! I look forward to a nice lazy evening browsing through all these sites. Keep 'em coming.


If you like some really off the wall e-cards, I recommend And they’ve got cards for all kinds of situations.

That’s what I came in to suggest. They are definitely my favorite.

I am not suggesting you abstain from sending e-cards (I think they’re neat too!), just pointing out that there is a major worm going around that tries to disguise itself as a message with a forged sender from one or other of the popular e-card sites and a subject line to the effect “A <friend|college buddy|relative|…> has just sent you a greeting card!”. Your e-card may fall afoul of spam filters as a result, or if your recipient has received a bunch of those spam messages or, worse still, been bit by that worm, they might hit delete by reflex.

I know ActionCat gives you the confirmation/pickup code so you can save it, just in case the card didn’t make it to the person’s inbox for some reason. I’ve written the person, given the site and the card pickup code and they’ve gotten their ActionCat card ok. I think there are other sites that do this as well, but I am not remembering which.

So, this one might be a total, “well, duh”, but I’ve had good luck with Hallmark’s e-cards, at The ten-year-old in me really appreciates their Hoops and Yoyo series. They also have pickup/delivery confirmation and don’t tend to send junk mail.

That is a good place for cards. I just sent a friend in AU a Birthday card today. Good site I think. :slight_smile: