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Eventhough I have disabled thread e-mail notification I am recieving notifications that there are replys.
What can I do???

I have the opposite problem – I do have e-mail notification turned on, but am receiving nothing. Maybe we need a swap.

I’m getting e-mails EVERY time somebody responds to a thread, not just once. This is whether I’m logged into the board or not.

Right, that’s how it works. Go back and read it again.

It means that if this is enabled, you get an e-mail every time someone posts to a thread that you have also posted in. It doesn’t have anything to do with whether you’re logged in at all, since your e-mail account is still available even if you’re logged out.

If it’s e-mails for one particular thread that are causing a problem, let a staff member know and we can turn off e-mail notification for you.

We will investigate problems with e-mail notification when things have settled down a little bit.

Could be that you had Excite with @home email address and you changed it after 12/7. I notice that any changes made after 12/7 while the site was down were not recovered.

No, I don’t have an @Home address. Actually, I’m get e-mail notifications just fine in the evenings, so it sounds like a server load issue during heavy-use periods. IOW, people, stop posting during the day and get back to work!!! :wink:

That’s exactly what’s happening to me. Yesterday morning, though, I had 101 e-mails of responses to threads - most of them repeats.

I only need one e-mail. Not one for every single person who posts. Yahoo will string me up!