E3 Winner. Nintendo?

I’ve read that out of the three video game counsels out, Nintendo is actually shinning brightest. I spent a lot of my day off looking at E3 game footage, and I have to admit, think I’m going to get a Game Cube! I’m psyched! Nintendo seems to be doing something right with their Star Fox (Zelda-esc) game, not to mention a new Zelda, a Mario (you don’t have to be young to love Mario), a METROID, Wario (great series on GBA now on Cube)… 3rd party games and some great portable games (some of which connect to Cube). I saw two polls taken that claim Nintendo is the star of the show. Nintendo’s fall back is, however, some of these games may take a while to come out. Nintendo has proven they can only do so much in a short amount of time.

I used to have a Cube, but I gave it used to a cousin for her birthday, (someone gave it to me as a gift). I’m no longer interested in a PS2 or XBox. I don’t know why, they just don’t interest me like they used to. It has nothing to do with Nintendo or this years E3. There’s something about Nintendo-made games I love. People say it’s a kiddy machine, which I would disagree with completely. For one, who’s to say Mario/Donkey Kong/Zelda are games just for kids? Secondly, there are tons of adult oriented games that were very popular on N64; Perfect Dark, Bond, Killer Instinct, Zelda (the second was pretty dark for a Nintendo game), Bad Fur Day (it wasn’t funny, with childish humor that didn’t do ALL that well, some would differ though), Resident Evil 0, Turok… and many more.

From E3 footage it seems Star Fox will be getting a “teen” rating, and Smash Bros. Melee was rated “teen”… so even some of Nintendo’s main characters seem to be maturing, (Link is the opposite, however).

I wouldn’t expect the people on these boards to be great Nintendo fans. Out of curiosity, what did some of you guys and gals think of this years E3? From what you’ve seen, what interests you?

BTW, oneof the 2 polls I saw was at IGN. http://games.ign.com/

The other I’m not sure of, I think it might have been from a news site like CNN.com… I can’t find it.

Hmm… I heard Nintendo made the worst presentation but showed some of the most impressive games… which, when you come down to it, is fine by me.

Also, IMO Link isn’t really the opposite. Just because you make Link into a cartoon doesn’t mean you’ve gone Disney, but I fear it may happen anyway. I’m just remaining hopefully skeptical.

Metroid, oh yeah. Resident Evil 0? Oh yeah. Turok is going to make it to at least one of the other consoles, and if it is the XBox it will probably be better there.

Star Fox… eh, the game looks cool as hell, but then I think of Banjoo Kazooie and I say: eh.

But yeah, I’m a total Nintendo groupie. I love this company. I’ve faithfully bought every system they’ve released and I’ve never been disappointed. Unlike some companies… (shoots a stern eye towards his dreamcast)

OK, just saw some footage of Star Fox. Looking cool. Oh man, it is.

Yep, Nintendo all the way for me. I was recently thinking of buying another console because of the recent price drops but then I got to thinking. None of the games for PS2 or XBox really grab me like the ones for GCN do. The ones that do are on all three platforms, like Robotech. That games looks cool as hell. So insead of blowing the $199 plus extra for games, extra controller, mem card, I am going to save it for the future upcoming GCN games and its broadband modem.

The Big N has history with me. I grew up with it, and I can’t break free from its hold on me, even if I start to try. I’m loving all the games that are coming out. I love the fact that Nintendo doesn’t forget it’s past. It really tries to bring established games back. The one thing Nintendo HAS is established titles because for a while the fist Nintendo was THE system to have. SEGA Master System I RARELY ever heard of in the NES days. Nintendo made a lot of hits, more than they can handle bringing back! Kid Icarus could just as well be on it’s way, but who has the time? That’s what I really liked about the N fighting game… if old characters didn’t return in playable form, they had trophies you could get that remind you of old game you’ve forgotten about.

Nintendo also makes a lot of new titles too. I think they really care about their fans. Their being so conservative can hurt them at times too. They aren’t JUMPING into online gaming as fast as the others. I wouldn’t get online for my Cube for AT LEAST a long while. As cool as online sounds, I really don’t have the money. I would rather get a good game then spend a ridiculous monthly fee. (Is that what they are planning on? I have a cable hook up for my computer… does that mean I have what it takes to play online, or do I need a T1 installed?).

The Cube and GBA is a great idea. I think it’s might help Cube… since GBA is so popular. I agree with erislover, Link isn’t just for kids just because he’s sporting that look. erislover, where did you see Banjoo Kazooie? I heard Nintendo had the biggest area in E3… I’m not sure if that’s compared to everyone there, or just Sony and X-Box. I heard that there were many people who agreed Nintendo had the most exciting stuff. Some people had a hard time leavening Nintendos display to check out other stuff.

So, keep it up Nintendo!!
I think, (from a ‘at home perspective’) this is the best E3 showing the’ve ever had.

Just saying, Banjo Kazooie for the 64 looked great, but I grew bored of it quickly. Dunno why. But after seeing the vids for Star Fox, looks like a Nintendo version of Soul Reaver. Which means better gameplay if not so adult of a theme.

No problem for me. I wish Konami would push out Silent Hill 2 for the GC but, :frowning: Not gonna happen. Oh well, I think I’m getting a XBox anyway.

But yeah, Nintendo has always been a great company. When I go to the store to look at games I see rows and rows of games for the PS2… and maybe two that interest me. I look to the future… eh, maybe a few more. I look to Nintendo and I’ve already got three incredible games for it: Rogue Squadron, RE, and Smash Bros. With Metroid and Star Fox coming out this year, I’m pretty much set as far as games go. Mario Sunshine looks to be interesting. Then comes Zelda. Soul Calibur II sooner or later.

I don’t care if Nintendo doesn’t release 500 games, because they release games I friggin’ love. Yay Nintendo!

Apart from already mentioned Silent Hill 2, Halo, and the continued (10+) Final Fantasy series, I feel like I’m getting the most for my money with Nintendo. Hopefully Square will release FFX for the PC like they did for 7 and 8 (crosses fingers)…

And yeah, I’ve always wanted another Kid Icarus! That was a sweet game.

Square is doing a Finale Fantasty for Nintendo you know!!!

I Swear! I read it on IGN. http://cube.ign.com/articles/355/355167p1.html

and another:

That’s the one thing Nintendo could REALLY use!

Yeah, I know they’re getting together, and thankfully Square is porting FFTactics for the GBA, but I am highly doubing they’ll be porting FFX or FFXI. Hey, who knows, maybe they will. I just doubt it.

I’m not getting a Gamecube 'til Metroid Prime hits. And I’m not exactly ecstatic about the “Neo-Pseudo-Retro” Zelda graphics.

However, the amount of time I have spent playing a GC at my friend’s apartment tells me that it’s a good system… can’t wait for the return of a classic.

Look at that fur!!

RARE added the realistic fur later on in development, so that’s why some of the pics on there site don’t have the realistic fur. He sports it all threw the game, that’s not just a cinematic scene

(I forgot to say I was drooling)

SPOOFE, you seem like a Smash Brothers man, am I right?

If they make a Rygar or Strider for the GC, I’ll buy it. :slight_smile:

Oh man, Strider! Now that was a great sidescroller. Almost beats Metroid and Castlevania:SOTN for hot sidescrolling action. Yum!

Rygar, god. Back in those days, they made games. the NES has had, IMO, the best set of video games ever produced for a console. Nothing touches it.

You guys know that an updated version of Strider was released for the PlayStation a few years back, right?

And I believe an update to Rygar is in the works for the PS2.


That makes PC an autowin

What’s “SOTN”?

Symphony Of The Night :wink: