Earliest/latest sitcom set in each US state

Good one – it premiered in 1974, so it predates my suggestion for Illinois by 2 years. I was looking at a Wikipedia article on “TV series set in Illinois,” which didn’t list Good Times.

Florida keys - Flipper the bottle nosed dolphin. mid 1960’s

Atlanta Ga. Designing Women. 1986-1993

Virginia - The Walton’s. Premiered 1972

Washington. Twin Peaks 1990 -91

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (1950-1958) was set in California. I don’t know if it’s the first series set in that state but it sets a baseline.

The Bob Newhart Show, set in Chicago, premiered 1972.

facepalm. How could I have forgotten it?

And, as long as we’re on CBS sitcoms which primarily aired on Saturday evenings, for Minnesota, The Mary Tyler Moore Show (premiered in 1970) would be a strong candidate for the first one from there. It was overtly set in a TV station in Minneapolis.

Alice, set in Phoenix, debuted in 1976.

Maryland - Hot l Baltimore 1975 - one season

"The Grinder (September 29, 2015 - May 10, 2016)

An actor from Boise comes home after his law show ends. Learning about being a lawyer from playing one on TV, he decides to start practicing at his family firm. It starred Rob Lowe and Fred Savage and is the most successful Idaho show, even though it only lasted one season before Fox pulled the plug."

Designing Women, set in Atlanta, debuted in 1986.

Willy (1954-1955) was originally set in New Hampshire but it switched its setting to New York City in mid-series.

A. P. Bio, Toledo, Ohio, 2018-2021
For Home Improvement, I remember one of the jokes was their figuring out they were really lost when they pass a sign saying “Welcome to Ohio”.

I’m pretty sure most of those aren’t sitcoms.

Newhart, set in Vermont, debuted in 1982.

Situational comedies only. Ok.

Designing Women, yes. The others, no.

Indiana: One Day at a Time, 1975-1984

Bless the Harts 2021

Vermont - Newhart aired 1982-90.

Designing Women was a sitcom; the others, as you note, weren’t (Flipper was a sort of a family-oriented adventure/drama, The Waltons was a drama, and Twin Peaks was…something (but definitely not a sitcom).

As far as shows with a later ending year - here are some that are currently running:
Pennsylvania - Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Colorado - South Park
Kentucky - Call me Kat
California - The Neighborhood (that’s the first one I saw. There’s ALWAYS a sitcom currently running set in California)
Michigan - Bob Hears Abishola
Alaska - The Great North
Georgia - Kenan
Alabama - The Wonder Years (reboot)
Illinois - The Conners