Earliest/latest sitcom set in each US state

Has there been a sitcom set in each state of the USA? If so, what was the first such sitcom (by starting year) and what was the most recent such sitcom (by ending year) by state? Note that by “set in” I mean the series as a whole, not the occasional individual episode. Settings in fictional towns are fine as long as the state is unambiguously mentioned.

Here’s an admittedly incomplete table we might work on. I’ve filled in only those shows that I’ve seen myself and where I remember the setting being explicitly stated in the show.

State Earliest sitcom Starting year Latest sitcom Ending year
California Three’s Company 1977 Fuller House 2020
Colorado Mork & Mindy 1978 Mork & Mindy 1982
Florida The Golden Girls 1985 Empty Nest 1995
Hawaii Big Wave Dave’s 1993 Big Wave Dave’s 1993
Illinois Perfect Strangers 1986 Family Matters 1998
Indiana Parks and Recreation 2009 Parks and Recreation 2015
Massachusetts Cheers 1982 Cheers 1993
Missouri AfterMASH 1983 AfterMASH 1985
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York All in the Family 1971 Seinfeld 1998
North Carolina The Andy Griffith Show 1960 The Andy Griffith Show 1968
North Dakota
Ohio 3rd Rock from the Sun 1996 3rd Rock from the Sun 2001
Pennsylvania The Office 2005 The Office 2013
Rhode Island Family Guy 1999 Family Guy ongoing
South Carolina
South Dakota
Texas King of the Hill 1997 King of the Hill 2010
Washington Harry and the Hendersons 1991 Frasier 2004
West Virginia
Wisconsin Happy Days 1974 That '70s Show 2006

Would the Jackie Gleason show predate All in the Family?
(I think it was set in NYC, but it’s been decades since I’ve seen an episode)

You left North Takoma off of your list, for some reason.

Oh, I should clarify that I’m talking only about TV sitcoms. No radio shows or web series, please.

Aha, I thought that we’d done this before! (but didn’t realize it was 17 years ago):

Wings, Nantucket, Massachusetts, 1990-1997

The very first American television sitcom, Mary Kay and Johnny (1947-1950), was set in New York City.

I Love Lucy was set in New York City, and in the final season they moved to Westport, Connecticut, so there’s two for one.

Can you (and anyone else proposing sitcoms) provide the years as well so that I can fill in the table?

1991-99 Michigan. Home improvement with Tim Allen.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-1977) might be the first sitcom set in Minnesota.

I’ve seen some of that one, but was the show ever explicit about the setting? I know the main character had an affinity for Michigan sports teams and universities but that’s only circumstantial evidence.

For Ohio, WKRP in Cincinnati (premiered in 1978) predates 3rd Rock From the Sun.

Alaska- Northern Exposure. Early 90’s.

Pretty sure they Detroit area specific

For Hawaii - The Little People/The Brian Keith Show (Title change) 1972-1974

And, for Illinois, The McLean Stevenson Show (1976) was set in Evanston, a northern suburb of Chicago.

It only ran for 12 episodes, but I imagine it still counts.

Somebody Somewhere : Kansas 2022

If you consider it a sitcom

Chicago - Good Times 1970’s

Champaign ILL : Illinois 2018