Early Morning Musings

Woke up much earlier than I needed to today. No school because of a teacher’s workshop thingy. Going to take my girlfriend out for breakfast. Place called Cahill’s. Best breakfast in town. Hope we won’t argue about who’s paying, I said last night I’M taking HER out. Should be nice. Not a FANCY place, but it is good. After that, going to church to paint the highschool room. Thinking of just starting at the beginning and writing as much of the Bible out as possible on my section of the wall. Then going to an associate’s house to work on a satire project for British Literature. We’re satiring missionary tactics. We’re going to be “missionaries for Satan.” Topics include little billboards with sayings like

So that should be interesting. . .(Ideas would be welcome. We’re videotaping it.)

Played Railroad Tycoon II a little. Game is fun. Game is COMPLEX. Yet extremely fun and addictive. $10.00. I’ve paid more than that for food.

Hmmmm. . .boredom until a bit before 9. I’ll start getting ready then. Maybe sooner, I don’t know.

Performing show choir at school tomorrow. In front of the whole school. 1600 people watching me and 37 others sing, dance, and shake our booties. I’m preparing to be laughed at. Show choir is not a popular activity at my school. Maybe this will help. Maybe it won’t.

That’s about it, I guess. . .