Earring scars!!!!

Am I the only person on this earth that cringes everytime they see earring scars on characters n movies where they never would have had earrings?

Case in point, Keanu Reeves in “The: Matrix”. He’s was born and raised in a frick’n cocoon, where would he have gotten his ears peirced?

They do wonders with make-up and digital editing these days, do you think they could take the 30 seconds and fill a small scar hole on an ear lobe?


How about when you can look at characters’ eyes and see they’re wearing contact lenses? If I remember correctly, I think this happens in Braveheart.

I think it’s called suspension of disbelief.

But I agree.

Good lord, I think I ruined my aspirations for a big movie career.

(I have 17 earrings between both ears.)

Oh well, at least I can still be in a band. :slight_smile:

I think you could say the same about actors playing historical characters with perfect teeth.

Or aliens from a far galaxy speaking a language invented on a tiny island on a undiscovered planet millions of lightyears away. With an American accent.

I think it’s called that suspension of disbelief thing, or not being such a picky pedant. :smiley:

The one time a thing like that really bothered me, was during Gladiator. Joaquin Phoenix, who played the emperor, has a very noticable scar where his harelip was “fixed”. I’m pretty sure that, in Roman times, when you were born with a harelip, you walked around with one for the rest of your life.

Mistake spotting has long been an obscure sport. Microwave phone towers in the background of cowboy flicks. Liz Taylor’s vaccination scar in Cleopatra. Angelina’s tattoo-hiding makeup getting smudged in Tomb Raider.

Again, it’s all about suspension of disbelief. If the movie is good enough, you look past all that stuff and go with the flow. The hard part is, the more famous an actor is, the better he has to be to make you forget you’re watching Anthony Bigstar working. The best movies can do that.

Ouch! How did they get them in there? Through the nose?


Strangely, what sometimes sticks out for me is eyebrow plucking. I once saw a TV re-run of Miami Vice that had a then-virtually-unknown Julia Roberts – Wow! Thick eyebrows!

That made me realize how much “eyebrow styles” have changed over the last 20 years and so now it distracts me a bit when I see historical characters with the latest trendy look. Helps me determine at a glance when a movie was made.