Earth 2025... or Utopia...

Are there any dopers that play these games?

I’m looking for tips, and folks to ally with.

Again, a shameless bum 'cause I’m a loser… are you telling me no-one plays these??

I used to play Earth 2025, but haven’t since everyone in our alliance sort of drifted out of the game.

Well, the Free for All game is about to reset… if you’re interested, I would love to get some Dopers together in an alliance.
Let me know.

Not to dredge up an old post… but through searching Earth: 2025, I came across this wonderful little place. And seeing how old this post is, I must say, Earth: 2025 got schwacked.

The developer/adminisTraitor sold the game to OMAC who in turn, ran it into the ground.

So, now we have a carbon-copy clone replacement, ran by people who care enough about the game. This new game is Earth Empires! If any of you still remember Earth: 2025 and have that old nostalgic urge to play again, this is where virtually everyone who plays went to.

The community misses you!

~Murasakiiro R. Kotani.

While I appreciate the outreach from the “new” developer of a previously fondly remembered game, reviving a ten year old thread in order to push it takes it beyond acceptable into “thin pretext” territory. (Which borders to Spamdonia)

So I am closing this thread.

I am not, however, banning you Ryuko. You are welcome to our community, but keep in mind that it’s not a soapbox or an advertisement stand. If you want to discuss the game with our members, please participate in our community and you can come back to it in a few months.

  • Gukumatz,
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