Earthquake Preparedness Test

Ok, all you Dopers who live in earthquake zones, let’s see how well you can score on the Earthquake Preparedness Test.

I am in LA and with today’s little quake I thought it would be good to see how well prepared I was. I scored a 67. The scoring is as follows:

So I was just barely in the top range of scores. A few points I can see I am weak on and need to improve. All-in-all not a bad test.

So how about the rest of you guys? Are you ready for The Big One? :dubious:

3 days worth of survival gear in my car? Seriously?

I guess I “may be in denial about the severity of
earthquakes. Please recognize that closing
ones eyes does not make the natural disaster
go away.”

This is dumb. It DOES matter whether you are in Haiti or Chili or the Bay Area.

:rolleyes: Agreed. That is just not happening with anyone I know.

Yep. The test is not perfect, but gives you some idea if you live in earthquake country. Gotta admit that I took some of the questions with a grain of salt.

There is something positively odd about these questions. I can’t place it:

  1. I really do not understand what is the best way to prepare for an earthquake? (it seems odd to ask this on a preparedness quiz)

  2. My attitude is: “I want to survive an earthquake and am willing to take the necessary precautions if they will help.”

  3. My attitude is: “Oh well, if the earthquake comes there is nothing I can do - whatever happens, happens.”

  4. My attitude is: “I would rather spend $50 eating out than spend $50 to secure the contents of my house with earthquake safety products.”

  5. My attitude is: “I want peace of mind and want to do the best I can so, I am willing to prepare in advance.”

(So you are probably ok, unless your attitude is "I want to die in an earthquake.)

  1. What do you think is the level of risk for an earthquake in your city? (If you live in Texas, and you say “low”, does your score go down?)

  2. I am aware that there is no such thing as an earthquake season and that a major earthquake of devastating proportions could occur at any time? (duh! This can’t be serious)

  3. I know that preparing for a major earthquake is the single most important thing I can do for the safety of my family and friends? (not: feeding them, driving safely, not chasing tornadoes, etc.)

I don’t know that this is educating the public as well as it could, is all I am saying.

Just got home from San Diego, to the Imperial Valley, and we got lucky. All our utilities were back up by the time we got home, and no damage; even the tv that DID shake off the dresser was so old that it just bounced, no damage. Gumballs everywhere and a couple of scared cats, but no damage.

Neighbors not so lucky; some have had water heater foundations crack, big screen televisions crash, hutches tip over, everything off the walls. PLUS the road HOME from San Diego was open; the way TO San Diego is shut down, as the road seems to have a nice big hole in it.

I have no idea how to prepare for an earthquake. Like most natural disasters, the choice is either ‘move’ or ‘live with it’. So I’m living with it, until I can convince my sweetie to move away with me.

I stopped taking the test after about my sixth no in a row. Then again, I don’t live near an earthquake prone area, I just wanted to take the test. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the running joke in LA is that there are 4 seasons: Flood, Fire, Earthquake and Riot. So maybe some people are a little confused. :smiley:

I realize that we are, in many ways, underprepared for an earthquake, but that test is retarded.

All the different “My attitude…” questions are just stupid, and they didn’t even ask much more fundamental stuff like, “Are your bookcases and other tall furniture secured with brackets?”

I didn’t bother with the tests, but am giggling over the idea that brackets would help. Everything IN the cases would just fly out anyway, and if it was bad enough, you could end up with structural damage if the weight of the cases yarded out a stud. <Kinda doubtful, I’m sure the screws would strip instead, but still. Can’t see it’d be a lot of good.>

Depends on the strength of the earthquake and how the stuff is secured on the shelves. It’s always better at 4am when all the power is out if your books, bookcases, TV and radio have not fallen onto the floor when you are trying to get out of your bedroom. And yes, I have been through that exact scenario during the 1994 Northridge quake in LA. My TV fell, all the books fell off the shelf in front of my door making it hard to open and all the power was off. At 4am. The test is not entirely BS. Just partially, especially the wording of some of the questions.

I got -164. i gunna die

I could see securing the books with bungies n stuff, basic boat security.
We have cats, so my books are in boxes; they wouldn’t last two seconds with Mr. ‘I Must Slowly Knock Everything Onto The Floor, One Slow Swat At A Time’ in the house, anyway.

This last temblor was odd. Some cupboards swung open and dumped everything; others on the same side of the same room didn’t budge. Weird.

I would rather have books on the floor than the entire book case (or falling on me, of course).

After the earthquake in 89 all of my books were on the floor. Most of the bookshelves somehow stayed in place. My mom kept all alcohol on a high shelf since she rarely drank. There was glass everywhere which had to be cleaned up right away. Now when I brace the bookcases and the stuff inside, it is mostly to avoid the mess.

I scored 68 answering the test as I would have when I lived in Wellington - luckily the risk of a major earthquake is much lower here in Oz (although the snakes will probably get me instead…)

The only thing I didn’t have was earthquake supplies in my car, but that’s because I didn’t use it to commute. Still would have been a good idea to have it partially stocked though.

…ha! Most people from Welly would have done well on that test! Although I don’t have three days supply of food in my car…

I scored -51. Apparently I am so drastically under-prepared that even the absence of earthquakes puts me and my family in extreme danger. In fact, my careless approach to earthquake safety has probably just caused a small earthquake somewhere in the world.

For the record, I live in England. I have felt exactly two small three-second tremors in my life. Neither killed me, or caused things to fall on top of me, or required a 3 day supply of water and light sticks.

I scored a -42, just answering honestly. I know a little bit about earthquakes, but I’m not taking any precautions, since I live in an area that’s pretty darn safe. No, I’m not spending $50 on earthquake preparedness, I’d rather go out to eat!

I got a -158, which I guess means that in spite of going through 4 quakes and numerous tornadoes, I died about 40 years ago.

Strikes me as advertising for products.


Never mind the fact that I live in St. Louis, MO and am from NH and have only felt one earthquake in my entire life.

I’m more likely to get hit by a tornado or a flood - but I DO know what do to in these situations. But apparently it doesn’t count, because I’m not prepared for an earthquake with 3 days worth of food in my car. I’m a horrible person who doesn’t care about the safety of her family!