Woo Hooo… We just had an earthquake.

How severe?

Was it a big one? How long did it last? Any damage?

In my building here in San Diego, it was just a big thud and a second or two of minor shaking.

No damage, but definitely noticeable.

This is why I wish you people would fill in the “Location” section of your profiles! I don’t know where you are!

And, I’m worried. I’ve got relatives in California. :frowning:

Link to data–

4.4 centered 17 miles NNW of here (29 Palms, CA). Only lasted about 5 or 6 seconds, no damage reported yet.

WillSantini DOES have his location filled in. 29 Palms is a town, in San Bernadino County, I believe, near Joshua Tree state park.

And not to worry – it was a pretty small earthquake. No reports of damage or injury, that I’ve heard. I didn’t feel the quake, myself.

Christ, man! Never heard of 29 Palm? Get a map!

Robert Plant has an entire song named for the godforsaken place!

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

Didn’t feel anything here at work in Orange.

Nary a shiver in La Jolla.

Maybe Bosda though it said 29th Psalm? :slight_smile:

Damn, I was just out in Palm Desert this weekend, driving a jeep around on the San Andreas! And I mean right on it, where the plates come together. It was so cool.

Missed it by *that[/] much! D’oh!

…damn coding…

Nary a shiver in La Jolla?

For Pete’s sake, woman! I’m probably about a mile away from you!

Maybe our building is just RIGHT on the fault line. Or else I’m just very in tune with mother nature. Ha.

Not a shiver in Van Nuys. But then, I’m a grad student, working on a paper, we tend to not notice such minor things as earthquakes. :smiley:

WillSantini you should be happy that you had an earthquake. It was relatively small so all it did was relieve a bit of the pressure on the fault.

Earthquake can be fun. You just flow with the ride. Watch the water in the fishtank slop around. Listen to car alarms go off. Watch non-natives freak out. Hilarity ensues.

deb loves earthquakes 2world

Felt nuffin’ here in Covina.