Easier to tell gay women or gay men?

This thread got me wondering about the above question. I have a hard time IDing gay men unless they are “flaming”, but gay women seem to be easier. My theory is that they sometimes acquire a habit of not looking at or smiling at men, in order to avoid unwanted attention.

Before I get slammed for stereotyping, I want to add that this is definitely not true of many of my gay women friends (of whom I seem to have an inordinate number - what’s the male equvalent of a “fag hag” - a “dyke tyke”?), but it seems to be true for a significant proportion.


I apologise in advance for this:

Easier to tell them what?

Easier to tell that they are gay. “Tell” meaning “determine” or “figure out.” I wonder if this is an Americanism?

< hijack > It’s probably shortened from “tell them apart from.” (ie/ “They’re twins! Can you tell them apart?”) < /hijack >

Sorry, all, I was being flippant.


slinks away

No need to apologize, I was just terribly whooshed.

There there Tansu, at least some of us found your post amusing:p

Are you differentiating strictly lesbian women from bisexual women? Because I’ll bet you a dollar you cannot tell a bisexual woman from a heterosexual woman.