Easter Dinner 2022

Chiles rellano (with cotija cheese), refried beans, & tortilla chips. I drank G&Ts, and The Missus drank red wine.

I got some yolk in the bowl from the first egg, so I added it to the yolk bowl. I cleaned the whites bowl and started again.

Scallops florentine, green salad and homemade whole wheat bread.

Colcannon and grilled ham steaks with a glaze of cooked down apple cider.

Glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, a beet-and-asparagus salad, homemade dill pickles, fresh-baked bread, and DANDELION SALAD. Spice chiffon cake for dessert.

I wait all year for that salad.


Smoked Salmon and Herb Cream Cheese Bagels


Jalapeno Honey Glazed Ham
Asparagus and Cheese Tart
Deviled Eggs with Anchovy
Bakery Rye Bread
Carrot Cake Cheesecake

Roast beef
Baked potato with sour cream and blue cheese crumbles
Mixed vegetables

Roast turkey with stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes and green beans.

Boxed mac & cheese and some hotdogs.

My Easter dinner ended up being a Hungry Man frozen dinner I had in my freezer. (It was their “Classic Fried Chicken” meal.)

I was supposed to go over to my sister’s for a full Easter dinner(with Spiral Ham) but my brother-in-law tested positive for Covid on Friday so those plans were scuttled.

Breakfast at church then back home for a late lunch with the grandchildren.

Glazed ham (with that fancy Mexican hot sauce)


A wonderful baked bean casserole my wife makes.

Brussels sprouts with ​prosciutto

A store-bought blueberry pie

My cheesecake with cherry or caramel dressing

Honey ham, spiced carrots, Brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes, mac & cheese and apple pie. And I didn’t have to cook it! Yum.

Was this the year of the ham with the bird flu thing?

We visited friends who were serving lamb and brought a ham.

“Prime” rib and baked potato.

That was the cut but certainly not graded prime but “choice rib” doesn’t seem to have any associated mental image. Prepared following the YouTube from Food Wishes and Chef John.

Can I list my Seder dinner here?

A sprig of parsley dipped in salt water
More matzo with sliced horseradish and haroset
Hard boiled egg
Matzo ball soup
(we skipped the gefilte fish this year. My parents liked it, but no one in the younger cohorts ever ate it.)
main course:
Indian BBQ marinated leg of lamb
dry potatoes with onions (both from Madhur Jaffrey’s An Invitation to Indian Cooking)
Tossed salad with store-bought dressing on the side
Matzo. Lots of matzo
Zinfandel and Kedem grape juice, both for the ritual and for supper.
Flourless chocolate cake
Lemon angel pie
a piece of matzo to share, and some chocolate Easter bunnies for the people who found it.
(I forgot to put out the Boston Fruit Slices.)

This thread needs some recipes. Just sayin’. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My next door neighbor had invited me over for dinner, but just as I was getting ready to walk out the door, she texted that a co-worker of hers had tested positive for COVID (even though the woman was fully vaccinated and double-boosted). Out of an abundance of caution, my neighbor canceled… I will confess I shed a tear or two… I really like these people, plus they’re great cooks…

Then about an hour later, my doorbell rang and it was the son of the family with a plate for me: ribeye steak, baked potato, grilled asparagus. That was really sweet… and delish! I couldn’t finish the steak and will have the rest for lunch today.

Yes. As a data-oriented person, I’m uncomfortable calling USDA Choice rib ‘prime rib’. But I still try (often successfully) to break the habit of accuracy in this case.

Standing rib roast, or just rib roast, does the trick.

Spiral cut ham. Green bean casserole 1. Braised potatoes.2. Squishy dinner rolls.

Mrs Magill made a carrot cake for dessert.

I’m off to gobble down the rest of the potatoes… unless Mrs Magill took them all for her lunch.

1 - I use fresh beans that I steam in the Instant pot.
2 - Paywalled - sorry. If you can find their book, get it. It has recipes for everything.

Steak Tacos, Baby!

Spiral cut ham, potatoes Au Gratin, corn pudding and hard rolls. Desert was honey cake. The cake and rolls came from a local Russian bakery that is supporting Ukraine.