Easter Shots

Easter eve my gf and I went out to dinner at a local restaurant. We stopped in at the bar on our way out, as we were both in the mood for an after dinner drink. I had some Frangelico on the rocks, my gf had Amaretto.

The owner came out to the bar and we began chatting. I complimented her on the mushroom raviolis I’d just eaten. She wanted us to join her in Easter Shots. So we did. Shot after shot of Jagermeister. And every time we put down our empty shot glasses, she gestured for the bartender to fill-em-up.

So now we have a new tradition. Easter Shots. OMG.

It took 36 hours to post this. Did you guys kill the bottle of jager?

That and then some.:smiley:

At some point I phoned my brother and drunkenly chatted with him. He woke us up the next morning by calling, and when I answered (groggily) his response was, “So, he is risen!”

We are already looking forward to next year’s Easter Shots. Tradition!

Did you kayak home afterwards?

I would think they’d have to have Peeps or jellybeans in them to be Easter shots, though Peeps would probably dissolve.

We had Easter Monday Whiskey and Banjo night at our house. Our guests are The Sure Things and it was a lot of fun, listening to them jam and actually compose a song until I realized that in two hours I had to get my son ready for school.

This morning is going somewhat rough. Oh wait, its afternoon. Delete the “somewhat” part of the first sentence. Fortunately, tonight I have an overnight babysitter. The show will go to 1 and then the party will go till???

But yeah, jager shots. Ever have jagerbombs with red bull? Ummm, deadly.

Dissolve? In Jagermeister? I can imagine them screaming in horror or puking in disgust, but not dissolving. Jagermeister only dissolves taste buds and stomach linings.

(I’m not a fan of the stuff, if you can’t tell. It’s like bad cough syrup, without the dubious medicinal value.)

It would have to be pretty bad to horrify and disgust a Peep.*
*I love Peeps myself but I acknowledge that many people find them disgusting.

I repectfully refuse to answer on the grounds. . .

Love jagerbombs, though they can make it difficult to get to sleep that night.

Hehe, when I get a cough in Germany I pick up a bottle of Jaeger so I can sleep at night. Don’t normally touch the stuff otherwise.

Cool!! They don’t look Canadian, though!:stuck_out_tongue:

Blech. I’d rather take shots of Nyquil than that stuff.

Oh, come on. Jaeger is made from eleven herbs and spices! Or sumpin.

I think it’s just great that three people would take the time to post the news that they think that the OP has shitty taste in liquor… :rolleyes:

Well, I was washin the Jaeger down with some Grey Goose on the rocks, so I’m used to my taste being questioned.:wink:

If you haven’t already had your H1N1 shot, it’s still not too late.

The third wave is coming.

Love is the seventh wave, according to Sting. :slight_smile:

Kayaker, what does a Canadian look like? :dubious:

:pJust having fun! Don’t be so touchy, ya know, the way Canadians are apt to be!

Heh. Excuse me while my legal same sex spouse and I go see a doctor for free to get medical marijauna, so I am not so uptight.

And that’s why some of my best friends are Canadian!