Persephone Loses Her Jaegermesiter Virginity

I’m an adult. I’ve been around the block a few times. But until last night, I had never tasted Jaegermeister. I mentioned this fact to xploder and Mrs. xploder, whose company I enjoyed last night at the bar.

It’s good. I enjoyed it. I only had the one shot, but I’ve heard some horror stories about getting drunk on the stuff, and even after just one shot, I believe those stories. Goddess, that’s some powerful stuff, especially after one has already consumed vast quantities of beer. Oh, and I also got my first taste of Ouzo last night as well.* Either my tongue was completely numb, or Jaegermeister & Ouzo taste remarkably similar.

Anyway, I survived the evening, but now I’m feeling a bit fuzzy. I’m don’t usually get hangovers, but I suppose I had this one coming. I had a good time, though! :smiley:

*This type of drinking done by trained professionals on a closed course. Do not try this at home.

Congratulations Persephone!

IMHO: Jaeger is best directly from the freezer

Directly from the freezer to the trashcan, that is.

Nicely put, Chickenhead. Urp.

:: shudders in revulsion ::

I have only drank Jagermeister once in my life, and that was enough to turn me completely off to that stuff for the rest of my life. My idea of an entertaining evening is not laying in a pool of my own vomit all night and then waking up the next morning with my head pounding so bad that a shotgun blast to the head would have been a relief.

I’ve never had Ouzo before, but my husband says it’s just as bad as Jager, which means “no thank you” in my opinion.

Hey, it’ll get to the trashcan eventually, after a temporary layover in the stomach. :slight_smile:

Goldschlager is another drink that must be handled with extreme caution. One of my buddies spent the first hour of his bachelor party doing shots of Jaeger, Goldschlager, and Absolut Citron. He spent the rest of the night under a tree in the backyard.

We are talking of that strong sweet liqueor whose bottle has a label with a stags head on it aren’t we ?
If so I only ever had it when in Europe, never seen it in the UK .
Jolly nice stuff it is but not for getting drunk on I fear.

I always found Jaegermeister and Orange Juice in EXTREME moderation helped fight off oncoming colds. Plus, you get the benefit of watching the look of horror on the Bartender’s face. Actually, the two are really quite complementary.

Jaeger is quite bad–but Ouzo? A Greek friend of mine brought some “real stuff” back from his home town. Diluted with water, it was actually quite enjoyable. Nothing like the full-on madness of Jaeger, off which you can get blasted just by breathing its fumes.

I was wondering where you’ve been lately, Pers …

Doing your W.C. Fields impression. Shoulda known … :smiley:

The bar owner is Greek, and they serve most excellent Greek food (including that awesome saganaki), so I’m going to assume that the Ouzo I had last night was quality stuff. I enjoyed that as well. But I’ll not be doing it again for quite some time. It’s good, but it’s just too darn strong.

Hm. I’m still not feeling much better. Anyone got any good hangover remedies? Besides “hair of the dog.” :smiley:

Sleep in. Drink water. take a long, hot bath, and swweat it out of your system (but don’t forget to replenish them bodily fluids!)

Welcome to the fold, Persephone. Jaeger is truly the nectar of the God (get it? hee-hee…if not, take another good look at the bottle)

IMO, Jaeger is damn nice stuff. The cruelest shooter in existence relies upon it.

warning: not for the weak of heart or stomach


1oz. Jaegermeister
1oz. Cuervo Gold
1oz. Bacardi 151

3.Make an ass of yourself
4.Hear all about it from your friends

My record is four of those. With 3 22oz. beers. And a joint.

I’ve never been the same since.

blessedwolf, that drink recipe created fumes that eminated from my monitor and melted my eyeballs.

You drank four of those? With beer and a joint? Aiieeeeeee! :smiley:

Well, this was in my younger days…er, daze.

Sorry 'bout the melted eyeballs, though. I guess you touch-type. :wink:
How’s the hangover?

…but not at the same setting.

Ouzo tastes like black licorise (I think it’s flavored with anise). I’ve been told by those who might not be an autority on the subject, that real, authentic Ouzo contains extract of opium (for additional kick, I suppose – like it needs any).

When I was stationed in Germany, I was introduced to Jagermeister as a side-drink (one that one consumes alongside one’s beer). It is strong and sweet, and tto my perceptions, tastes like nothing so much as Vicks formula 44 (the original brown stuff, not that wimpy cherry-flavored crap).

I would not recommend getting drunk on either by itself. The high sugar content seems to make it more likely to set off a Buick-fest later in the evening. Hangovers can be quite impressive, however the first (and last) time I overindulged with Ouzo, while I was quite unable to stand or keep anything down that evening, I was quite chipper the next morning and ready to go have a chili-and-cheese omlette. My friends (who had consumed considerably less than I) were quite wrecked the following morning. I suppose it’s because I hurled and rid myself of some of the toxins?


The problem with working nights is that one tends to have morning-brain until quite late in the day.


I’ve done a few Yager shots in my day. While that’s a good shot blessedwolf, there’s another one that might appeal to this crowd even more.

Back in my bartending days, I both mixed and consumed the ever famous ‘Vulcan Mind Probe’.

In a lowball, straight-up.

1 1/2 Oz. Jaegermeister
1 1/2 Oz. Rumpleminze

(Above are nearly frozen, of course.)

A splash of Bacardi 151

Mix in order with the 151 being the last ingredient. Serve flaming.

Pretty amazing if you can have more than a couple of these babies and not start revealing some long held secrets by nights end.

Float the 151?


Forget what blessedwolf said.

Get a big ol’ honkin glass of water, ten or twelve ounce tumbler, add about half a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt. Drink it. Drink several of these. Takes about two or three glasses, but it will take careof your hangover. Take a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement, if your stomach’s not in too bad of shape.

This is the only hangover cure that actually works.

Hair of the dog is evil.

Thea: I understand why one would need water, for hydration purposes, but what’s with the salt & sugar? What will that do for me? Just curious–as I said earlier, I don’t normally get hangovers, so I’ve never had a need for a cure. I do take a multi-vitamin regularly, and I’ve already taken it. Didn’t mess up my stomach any worse. :slight_smile:

Cnote: I don’t need flaming drinks. If you’ve ever read any of the infamous Guy Stuff thread, you’ll see that I prefer to set my own body on fire. :smiley: