Easy comfort food from hell.

I found this:

Guess what I’m having for dinner? With toast. Or maybe oyster crackers and bacon bits.

Ok…I will eat a lot of things, but to me it sounds like something major is missing, like…chicken, or macaroni, or something…

It’s supposed to be a soup? Just have to ask because I cannot tell; it sounds like something you would subsequently pour over a pan of sliced potatoes, toss in the oven and make guests sign heart-attack waivers for before eating. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t even imagine the amount of sodium in that recipe. Regardless, I bet it’s tasty, in that “from hell” kind of way.

Yeah, I look at that and I think “okay, that’s the sauce…now what are you supposed to put it on?” Noodles? Rice? Mashed potatoes?

We actually had a comfort food last night called “Husband’s Delight,” which involved ground beef and a tomato sauce with various spices…with a cheese, cream cheese, and sour cream sauce on top. All over noodles.

I’m all for comfort food, but I felt like eating just a quarter cup of this stuff would kill me instantly.

I think it’s supposed to be a (insert region) cheese soup. Gonna add a bottle of beer.

I’ve had the wort weekend ever, so fuck it, I’m doing this. Hello Mayo and Whiz!

After the past few days you definately deserve getting your freak on. Hope your son enjoys it too!

(Pleae note: just because one can’t read emotions well on the internets, and you have had a helluva past few days, this post is meant at face value in the best way possible)

Sounds good.

I’m coming over, 'kay?

Welsh rarebit (no relation to rabbit) qualifies here.

I like opening a can of Dinty Moore stew and a tin of pillsbury biscuits.

Heat the stew to almost boiling on the stove. Transfer to a 12x12 pan. Put raw biscuits on top. bake until they are brown.

simple and loaded with fats and carbs. yum.

Heat oven to 400F. Toss a stick of butter in a round cake pan and put in oven until butter melts. Open up a can of biscuits, dip each biscuit into butter, coating both sides then lay them into pan. Liberally sprinkle top of biscuits with grated parmesan-the stuff in the green can is fine for this purpose (although pretty much nothing else). Bake until until biscuits are golden brown and tasty.

My easy comfort food from hell is something that takes no cooking, since I loathe that particular chore. Crumpets with butter and peanut butter, liberally spread, just about fits the bill. High in carbs, high in fat, high in salt. Yummo.

This thread has put me in a serious mood for poutine.

This comment in no way endorses the importation of food from Quebec.

I would rather just make a real cheese soup, or welsh rarebit or cheese fondue. The cream of creature soup is just way to icky, way too much sodium and a possible sneak in of high fructose corn syrup.[migraine trigger]

Pretty much anything Paula Deen ever did qualifies here, but her Gooey Butter Cake is my go-to Thanksgiving dessert these days. Who needs pumpkin pie?

My comfort food in university was onion pasta soup.

Melt a stick of butter. Sloooowly fry four or five onions in it. Add vegetable and beef stock, and some flour. Simmer for a while, then throw in a bunch of pasta. Eat when the pasta is cooked.

Makes one saucepan full, or one day’s meals spread out over several servings. I’d do work in the kitchen while the onions were frying, and the soup would sustain me throughout the day as I wrote an essay. It might not seem like comfort food in the quick and easy sense, but knowing there was soup on the way made Latin translation a hell of a lot easier to bear.

I made this last weekend for a supper club.

One package of Italian bread sticks
One pound of quality smoke house bacon
1/3 c brown sugar mixed with 1tbs good chili powder.

Wrap bread sticks with bacon, roll in sugar mixture. Place on racks in cookie sheets. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes till golden and sugar caramelizes.

These little gems were served as appetizers but eaten with dinner and for desert.

It’s time to whip up some Chocolate Lasagna