EBay advice needed

OK, in my latest harebrained [sp?] scheme to avoid getting a real job, I’ve decided to sell all my old baseball cards on ebay. I’m pretty much an ebay virgin so I don’t really know what to do. For the record I have a lot of $1 and $2 cards and I was wondering how I’d group them and stuff. Thanks.

While there are probably several dopers that have some experience, I think you’d have better luck asking for advice on the eBay boards. The people that hang out there are hardcore eBayers and they know their stuff. I’d say ask them for the best advice.

My advice would be to sell them in lots in a dutch auction (I think you have to have a certain amount of feedback to do this). If they’re a bunch of cheap cards, try selling them in lots of 50 or 100 or an even bigger number if you have a lot. You probably need some cards that are worth a little more if you want to sell any auctions.

I hate to break it to you, but I bet you’ll have to end up getting a job if you really want some money.

Keep in mind that ebay does receive a cut on things that you sell, so your profit margins will be axed slightly. Also, are these cards people really want? I see stuff on there all the time that people don’t bid on.

I am both a big baseball card collecter and a big ebay-er, and I have bought a lot of baseball cards on ebay.

When you say “old” baseball cards, what years are you referring to?
I would advise against the dutch auction thing, as that typically is how people get rid of all their crap cards. ex, You are bidding on a random bundle of 100 cards! there are 50 bundles, and contained somewhere in the lot is a <high interest card> etc etc… and usually you just get a pile of commons.

If you are going the ebay route, take picutres of the cards. Unless a seller has superb feedback I am not going to buy a card from him/her withouit seeing it. Alos, don’t charge a lot for shipping, not more than a buck for one card. you can get small bubble-padded mailers, and then just cut out some cardboard bigger than the size of the card, put the card in a top loader, and tape the top loader to the center of the cardboard. You can do all that and still come out ahead if you charge $1 for shipping.

Keep in mind that you will probably only pull between 25-50 of beckett value for most cards, unless they are super-hot right now, or PSA or beckett graded. That’s just how it goes on ebay, it’s definately a buyers market. You could group cards by player and do lots that way, provided you havr pics of all cards in each auction, but the bigger the bundle, the less you will make (compared to book value).

Actually, I may be intersted in buying some stuff from you, I’ll see if you have an AIM account and contact you. If not, email me – it’s in the profile.