eBay problem, please advise

They don’t need to provide one.

If you still have the message, it might still be worth trying an appeal via that route. Maybe you’ve not yet managed to contact the right.section to get this reviewed.

I can’t be bothered to read their entire T&C’s but I suspect you are fundamentally misunderstanding the nature of the offer. I think they make a standing offer to the world to take listings. If you accept their offer by submitting a listing, their T&C’s govern the contract concerning that listing. They can withdraw their offer to you at any time, such that you can no longer accept the offer and be entitled to lodge any further listings. You have no legal entitlement to force them to hold their offer open for you.

I don’t think they are making a standing offer which, if accepted, becomes a binding contract to take listings from you forever more, subject to termination.

The rules seem clear to me. The seller is responsible for delivering the item. Until the item arrives, the buyer has no responsibility for it getting lost or damaged in the mail. Incorporate the insurance into the cost doesn’t mean you ask the buyer if they want to pay extra for it (that would be charging a separate fee for insurance), it means that you make your shipping/handling charges high enough to cover paying for insurance if you deem it prudent.

The guy who turned down the extra charge knew exactly what he was doing. Why should he pay extra to insure against your risk? It would have been nice of him to point out that it’s not his risk to insure, but it’s still your responsibility to know the rules. And I can see (from his perspective) not wanting to argue with someone over insurance and eBay’s rules.

What I do on eBay is insure anything over a certain value and take my chances on the other stuff. It means I make a small gain on shipping cheap items and take a small loss on shipping the big stuff. I’m not charging a separate fee, I just set my shipping fees to cover my average costs. I also don’t ship internationally, because the increase in price is not big enough to be worth the headaches.

***I also don’t ship internationally, because the increase in price is not big enough to be worth the headaches. ***

Well, yes, that is now my permanent policy as I’ve had an ass-full of most of the rest of the world and their weird/antiquated postal systems, customs, and whatever other regulations I am responsible for knowing. It’s too bad because I’d like to be able to open up my sales to the entire planet, but the risk that I’ll lose the item, and the enormous shipping cost to get the item to them while getting a negative feedback just isn’t worth it. Anyone can get scammed by a buyer, but when you add in the risk that in country X the postal/customs system itself may be staffed by crooks at every level even if the buyer is legit, it’s just not worth it to get a bid that is a few dollars higher.

It makes me wonder how anyone honest in the country of Nigeria runs a business when everyone knows about Nigerian e-mail scams. If they make a legitimate purchase on a website, is it just assumed it’s a stolen credit card or some other scam such that the country is effectively cut off from e-Commerce? I know I’m never selling anything to someone in Micronesia again, which sucks for the next legit guy who sees an auction of mine and asks me to let him bid.

My understanding is that it’s quite difficult, and relies much more on personal relationships. You can’t just ship to a guy who makes an order online. You do transactions in person until you know and trust the other party.

Makes me grateful for all the really strong institutions we have in this country.