Some of us have encountered a problem when posting a reply, in my case I was using the quick reply. The Submit for the quick reply echoes at random: click once, post twice. I hope this is being fixed.

I use the quick reply box regularly, and that has never happened to me. Are you sure you only clicked once? 100% sure? Positive?

Swear on your mother’s life, stick a needle in your eye, pinky swear, positively absolutely without a doubt 100% definitely indubitably totally and utterly catagorically positive?

Are you sure?

Yes, I’m absolutely, positively, pinky swear on my mother’s life and stick a needle in my eye sure. I’ve encountered the echo twice so far and I know others claim to have their posts echo too but I can’t say if they’re using the quick reply or not. The latest echo appears to be John Bredin.

Hmm…just noticed the timestamps there. Perhaps that wasn’t the latest after all.

I use quick reply all the time, but I haven’t had this problem yet. Maybe happens more when the board hiccups?