Why doesn't a reply show up in last-poster area?

In this thread, Polycarp posted a reply at 10:01 AM which I thought might be addressed to me.

I responded at 10:38 AM but my reply was never logged, possibly leaving poor, distressed Polycarp waiting breathlessly when the reply was there, waiting to be read. :frowning:

What went wrong? Did I err somehow?

Could the problem be a side-effect of the Hack Attack that the Library is presently under?


I am still cogitating on a replacement urer-name.

I believe the problem you refer to is being discussed over here.

Since I see the post in the thread, but not in the forum display, I am going to assume that you used the new “quick reply” box to post your answer. Other posters have reported a similar error when using the “quick reply” box.

I can’t find the “quick reply” box. Is it the same as the
“submit reply” box? My latest reply to the Jewish/Christian thread seems to be missing. Should I use “Post Reply” instead?

The “quick reply” box is the box at the bottom of each thread.

The regular reply box is the one you get when you do it the old way. (pushing the “post reply” button that’s at the top and bottom of each thread)

Thanks. “Been there, done that.” Checking that new features work under all possible conditions is next-to-impossible. :slight_smile:


Cogitation continues.

Parameter [symbol]P[/symbol][sup]2[/sup], you’re telling me. Right now our software product at work is supposed have “international appeal”, meaning it will display/convert numbers/dates correctly for any western european combination of client OS settings, server OS settings, and database settings. e.g. client has a comma for the decimal separator but server has a period for the decimal separator. We’re finding subtle little bugs everywhere.

If I understand the problem (post goes through, but last post doesn’t reflect on forum page), that problem happened to me a few times before the quick reply box was added. It would sometimes happen when the board was very slow. The post would eventually get saved to the thread but would never show up as the last post even if it was. Apparently the hamsters just say “close enough for government work” at some point when they are really tired. But I am sure that the problem ocurred before “quick reply”.

rsa, that was my first thought. But people have been mentioning it since we introduced the “quick reply” box, and I don’t remember it being mentioned before. Of course it could be that users have started reporting it only since the quick reply box was introduced and so I mistook the cause and effect.