Economic Effects of NYC's indoor smoking ban?

I had heard about the smoking ban in NYC (among other places) wherein smoking in a workplace is not allowed (I think that’s the definition). Now, I was in NY recently and went to a couple bars and by God, it was remarkably pleasant without all that blue haze on covering everything (although there were plenty of people smoking in the bathrooms).

There were plenty of people complaining about it, and I believe that I was there several months after the ban was enacted, but the places seemed to be a packed as they normally would have been on their respective days. Has the ban affected business in clubs/bars, etc?

Toronto also recently enacted that by-law.

The first few weeks was bad for business (but good for me). These days there’s no real difference. The pool hall I go to is returning to normal business levels.

I have to admit, the by-law is great. No more stinking of cigs after going out.