Economic Stimulus Debit Cards from Money Network Cardholder Services

Check your mail for a plain white envelope from Money Network Cardholder Services. I wasn’t expecting a stimulus payment at all, I didn’t think we qualified. So I almost threw this out thinking it was a scam. But a quick search seems to indicate that it’s a real thing.

I have to activate it and check the balance, since we weren’t expecting anything I have no idea how much to expect.

Did anyone else receive a payment via this method?

OK, so it checks (ha!) out and we got a pretty decent sized amount. Wasn’t expecting it, and since we’re both working we don’t particularly need it. We may donate it somewhere, we’re both a bit stunned.

I wanted a stimulus payment.
We didn’t think we qualified either. But it came Tuesday.
Like you I thought it was junk mail or AARP mail.

I like it. :slight_smile:

Yep. Just received ours today. Just as suspicious at first. Just as surprised it’s legit.

Very clever to disguise it as a possible scam.

I looked everywhere on the papers. No Trump signature.

I was ready to cut it up but the card itself looked good, so I did the web search. The two biggest problems are that the return address is from no where you’d expect, and the website isn’t a .gov address. Pretty odd choices, but here it is.

Just wait. You should soonget a letter from the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service. The envelope is marked Notice 1444 (EN-SP). It includes a letter with Uncle Donny’s signature on it explaining that your stimulus payment has already arrived.

When mine came in the mail the family texted me at work concerned. I spent the better part of the day wondering whether I was the lucky guy selected for an audit or something. Nope.

I just wonder how many folks shredded them. I almost didn’t notice what mine was.

Iggy, I’ll watch out for the letter.

I’ll BOLO for it too.

Waitaminnit. I’m confused I think. What stimulus payment are we discussing here? Is this the original $1200 that nearly everyone gets, that a lot of people got about a month ago by direct deposit? Or is this a different payment that I somehow missed hearing about?

The former. Those who did not have direct deposit information on file with the IRS are still in the process of receiving the initial stimulus payment. Some got a paper check but the government has now started sending pre-paid cards to others.

So far a second stimulus has not been approved by the full Congress. The House has passed the HEROES Act, another stimulus package with a second round of stimulus payments, but the Senate has objected to some of the provisions. Trump has indicated opposition to some of the provisions but has indicated willingness to sign off on some sort of a second round of stimulus payments.

This is definitely the first and only stimulus payment we’ve received. I wonder if we got the debit card because we’ve paid taxes the past few years, meaning we sent payment from our bank account during our e-file, not gotten direct deposit of a refund. I would have assumed the IRS had the info they needed to do direct deposit, but maybe not.

This was my assumption as well. Thanks to this thread I know what to look for, since I already got the confirmation letter. I had thought we had given the IRS our account info, long time ago. Oh well.