Eddie Izzard related to an Arkansas Governor

Or, “An Arky, Siam Sam, get in here!”

You don’t need it, but a picture of Eddie Izzard.

Now, a picture on George Izard Governor of Arkansas from March 4, 1825 November 22, 1828 Note that he was born in London.
Note that in the first link he is wearing lipstick. I rest my case.

I’m not sure how I can help in this. But I can tell you that I, too, am related to an Arkansas governor: Orval Faubus. My mother came from Arkansas, and my great-grandmother’s maiden name was Faubus.

Orval’s the one who, in 1957, ordered the National Guard to prevent black students from entering Little Rock Central High School.

My family was trout fishing near Cotter, Arkansas when I was just a pup. Governor Faubus entered the restaurant and knowing my Father who worked at a TV station, paused for me to take a very blurry photograph of him.

I worked with a guy who was a student at Central High in 1957. Members of the 101st Airborne bought him smokes and liquor. :slight_smile:

Izard is also a French word for a type of mountain goat: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrenean_Chamois

Aha! Transvestite! Now I know why I was called upon. (I had to look Eddie Izzard up in Wikipedia.)

I have to say the transvestites in Thailand certainly look better than him!

Well, yes, but he is more funny. Perhaps it’s a British Thing.

Oh, I dunno. Ours are a scream, especially when they’re picking your pocket on Sukhumvit Road. :smiley:

I have no helpful knowledge in this area, I’m afraid. I do know that Izard county, named after him, includes the town of Calico Rock, which, along with Horseshoe Bend (also in Izard Co.) is frequently the place in Arkansas that has the coldest low temperature in the state on a given day, as I remember the weather reports from my childhood. Calico Rock also has the distinction of being the only town in the United States where a living community has surrounded and preserved a ghost town.

Thanks for the article. Cool.

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