EddyTeddyFreddy Appreciation Thread

So why am I here?

Partly interest in the enlightened opinions and knowledge of those who frequent the Straight Dope. I learn things here.

Partly sheer egotism, demonstrated in gibbering at you all and posting links to links to links to stuff I’ve posted in the past, blissful in the certainty of my own brilliance and hilarity.

And… partly… sadism.

Y’see, the knowledge that I have, on occasion, caused someone’s beverage to rocket out their nose in surprised laughter tickles me to no end.

The knowledge that this has occasionally happened at their place of work is like an intoxicating wine to my gleeful senses. It’s one of the things that keeps me comin’ back.

Which brings us to the topic of EddyTeddyFreddy, our fellow Doper, a lady of class, quality, and fine character, whom I wish to publicly inflict my thanks upon, for her facilitating the payment of my membership fee (I had money, but no PayPal account; we’ve corresponded via snailmail in the past, and she kindly let me use her electronic accounts to feed Cecil and remain among you all).

For those of you who’ve enjoyed my yammerings in the past: Thank you, and I hope to have you skorking Dr. Pepper over your monitor at work as much as possible in the future. You may thank EddyTeddyFreddy for her kindness and generosity in providing me the opportunity.

For those of you who think me an overblown witless idiot… well, blame her. She thinks I’m funny…

Damn you to the bloody bowels of hell, ETF!

Just kidding.

Bow Down! Bow Down, (Former Master) Wang-Ka, before your new Lords and Masters, the cats Eddy, Teddy, and Freddy!

Bwa ha ha hahahahaha! BWA-HAHAH-HA-HA-HA-HAHAHAHA!!!

Well, at least, that’s what I would have posted if I were ETF! :wink:

Good point. I would have.

…but* I* have cats, too.

And they know where I live.

Oh, how do we adore the magnificent EddyTeddyFreddy! I know, she didn’t buy me my subscription, but I appreciate her nonetheless. And why?

  1. She’s the on-site expert of all things equine and has many fascinating tales to tell.
  2. She can tell a fascinating tale even if it is about something totally mundane and, er, pointless.
  3. Hi, Opal.

No no, there’s more, I just couldn’t resist #3.

  1. She can write a limerick like nobody’s business. I mean faster, smarter, funnier and with better cadence than any of us mere mortal dopers, and she’ll fit your name into it while she’s at it.
  2. She has one of the best names of all the dopers.
  3. Her cats are very cute. I’m a newbie at links or I’d provide. But maybe if we ask nice, we’ll get one.
  4. She gives good advice, even if we never take it.

So c’mon dopers! ETF is too damn good to let this thread fade away so soon. Let’s hear your EddyTeddyFreddy appreciation!

shakes pompoms
turn cartwheel

Three cheers for our EddyTedFreddy!
She kept our Wang Ka fix steady!
She’s good for a course
On good care for a horse
And she’s never ill-tempered or petty.

In fact she’s a hell of a girl -
Coaxes folks to give lim’ricks a whirl,
Tells tales of the spats
Of her three charming cats -
Among Dopers she’s surely the pearl!
That being said, I must also say that I think Master Wang-Ka one of the finest guys around. Not only is he funny, but he comes across as one of the most thoughtful and truly kind people on the boards. In fact, except for the fact that he lives in Texas and I in New Jersey, he’s married and I’m involved, I’m at least ten years older than he, have never met the man and wouldn’t know him if I met him on the street, and don’t want kids anyway, I’d wanted to bear his children! :smiley:

I’m not sure, Wanger, but I think you may have been insulted. :wink:

Nonsense - I was being entirely sincere!

What the compliment is worth, now, is another story…

Now here’s one thread I must respond to!

EddyTeddyFreddy, you’re the cat’s meow, girl! You set a fine example of how we should behave on the board (OK, I may not always follow your lead, but you know what I mean!)

:: Stumbles upon appreciation thread during evening stroll; halts in amazement ::

Oh, gosh. What the heck can I say? I mean, besides BLUSH
You guys are way too kind. (Not that I’m not lapping this up like a cat in the creampot, mind you. :smiley: Definitely basking in it.) What a treat! But, Blonde, don’t put me way up above on some pedestal of virtue. I’m not always a Good Girl, dammit! Sometimes, in fact, your ETF is a devilish evil cat, though usually repenting after the “Submit Reply” button’s been pushed – even before some wiser Doper puts me in my place. :wink: I do try to set a good example, though too often my reach exceeds my grasp.

Anyway, many, many thanks from Eddy, Teddy, and of course Freddy. C’m’ere, lemme give you a big cyberhug! Aw, isn’t love grand? Anyway, be seeing you in cyberworld!

:: Bows humbly to the small gathering of revelers in their tinfoil hats, backs toward the exit, trips over sleeping cat and (as, alas, too often in real life) falls flat on her ass ::

Well, since she’s probably too modest (or just, for once, at a loss for words) to post to this thread, I’ll provide this photo. From that page, you can click on the links to her other albums.

I’m another of the Dopers who went from “Guest” to “Charter Member” thanks to ETF’s willingness to sign up anyone who lacks a PayPal account but could spare a “fiver” for the first year’s membership fee. She let me know today that she had received my money. Wonder if she trusted me all along. Of course, if anyone’s thinking of taking advantage of her generous offer by stiffing her, she has ways of wreaking revenge… :wink:


Modest? Me? Why… yes, yes indeed – it’s one of my finest qualities.


At a loss for words, though… Not till they pry my thesaurus from my cold, dead hands, bucko!

I have far less cats than you, girl. Three here, and attempting to convince my husband that one more wouldn’t be so bad…

Oh, I love kitty cats.

ETF, you’re the best. A shining example and I wish you a very happy Easter!

YAY ETF!!! Anyone who has more cats than me is AOK in my book! She’s the fastest, googlinest, link-finder I ever saw! :eek:

I declare Master Wang-Ka and EddyTeddyFreddy officially awesome in my book. (This is nothing new. Just a public announcement of such.)

That is all.

She gives good DEATH! Rock the kasbah, Lady ETF!!!

You’re one of a kind, ETF :wink: I’m now in the process of learning to admire cats.

Haven’t seen you around much lately. Or maybe it’s just me…?

Wonderful! Then I haven’t lived in vain. :smiley:

Well, there was this accident at the Seabrook nuclear plant as I was driving by, and – the government doesn’t want this to get out, so keep it under your hat – people within a ten-mile radius of the plant have become lunar phase Giant Invisible Were-Woodchucks. Yes, it’s only the full moon that transforms us, but we’re stuck till new moon before we flip back. Meanwhile, we’re too busy chucking wood to write.

Could have been worse; I was on the landward side of the radiation blast. Folks out boating within the danger zone have become Giant Invisible Jellyfish, and in summer the beaches are littered with pitiful dried-out remains.


And they told me I wrote weird stuff?

Although I gotta give ETF further kudos; not too often you see an illustrated post in these parts. Especially with kitty pictures.

…and AvhHines, while I appreciate the offer, you may not know what my dear wife is savin’ you from. I always did like older women :smiley:

While I’m not the sort to slather praise (or petroleum jelly) on folks in cyberspace (the swollen heads tend to clog the arithmetic logic unit), I’ll make an exception for EddyTeddyFreddy. Heck, I owe her something after what I had Aunt Cecilia do to Squash in the Corrupt Wish game.

Her wit and creativity has brightened up several of my dingy afternoons.

Seems the best way to honor her is to quote a sinus-clearing joke I got off at her expense in her Tongue-In-Groove thread, about her inability to curl her tongue into a U-shape (since only fifteen percent of the population is in that boat, that makes ETF a Certificated Genetic Mutant) -

Kudos, kiddo.

P.S. My promotion to the Freudian Jockstrap Assembly Line finally came through!