The Doper Name Limerick Game

The rules are simple: Write a limerick using another Doper’s name. You can use the previous poster’s or anyone else’s that strikes your fancy. You can abbreviate it if you must for the rhyme (as, for instance, ETF or EdTeddyFred instead of EddyTeddyFreddy) but it has to be recognizable.


Ah, Spectre of Pithecanthropus!
His friends never call him misanthropous,
For he’s jolly and kind,
And has ever in mind
Any chance where he might be philanthropous.

Another new feline for Ed?
(She’s somewhat disturbed in the head)
She’s got kittens galore
I think, nearly four score
And beloved is each quadruped.

“Here’s an interesting thread”,
Harmless to herself had said.
But I’m going to a show,
Tonight, Aerosmith, third row
So I’ll do this tomorrow instead.

So harmless is female, like Ed
? I always do dread
Getting genders confused.
But I’m never bemused
By the Doper we call Rotorhead.

EddyTeddyFreddy is swell,
Her limericks are famed, to hear tell.
She started the thread
But Ghanima said,
Nobody can limerick as well.

The rest of us try to compete
To write a limerick as sweet
We type and retype
All kinds of ripe tripe
Rotorhead makes this limerick complete.


Just thought I’d mention that Shoshana rhymes with iguana, not banana.

“In case you were wondering, I wanna
Instruct you on saying Shoshana.
Just think of the lizard
And sound like a wizard:
Shoshana, your friendly iguana!”

A thread elsewhere encouraged me to run over and take the Political Compass test to see which way I lean, and I was surprised by the results. Therefore…

A Doper named *Phase42
Was Right-wing, and GOP. True!
He now feels bereft
Cuz the test says he’s Left
And a bit Libertarian. Whew!

See, now even my coding’s mixed up!

“Your limericks make me laugh” said Yogini
as ETF quickly sipped her martini
"But I’m ready to eat,
so let’s go up the street,
for falafel with lots of tahini!


A Doper who oft posts in the Pit,
one day had enough of Yogini’s shit
so he called her a bad name
for which now he feels shame
or at least OneYogini can hope it!


The doper named E. Teddy Freddy
used a couple of names that, already,
leave me saying, “Gee,
this is too hard for me.
Can I write you a sonnet, instead-y?”

The opener, EddyTedFreddy
With a lim’rick is always quite ready.
But dear JsGoddess
I fear is too modest,
For she got ETFreddy already!

Make that:
But dear JsGoddess
I fear is too modest
Sorry 'bout that, Your Worshipfulness!

I will forgive A v h Hines
for unbolding me in his* lines,
but not for a name
that I can’t proclaim
'cause I don’t know how it combines!

*Or her! Ack! Now I’m the one groveling!

jsgoddess, ever so modest,
Closed her window shades each night.
To the despair of the men
Who longed to look in,
She remained out of sight.


Oh, the Pit is a perilous place
Where gobear and World Eater face
The struggle to win
Their fights without Lynn
Telling them that they’re now in disgrace.

Our Cynic, Diogenes the,
Does battle that thought may be free.
He wanders the Pit;
And would cry “Useless Git!”
If that name weren’t in use previously.

How Futile a Gesture 'twould seem
For Reeder to give up his dream
Of Pitting the Prez
For all that he says.
Nay, let his left consciousness stream!

Would Squink or would Truth Seeker lie?
Will Tuckerfan come back with pie?
Give county a break!
An askeptic mistake
Needn’t cause our friend Lib to let fly.

Jeff Olsen, meet StarvingButStrong!
SanguineSpider, take skutir along
And with Binarydrone
Say hello to dropzone
Can the Left Hand of Dorkness be wrong?

Ferret Herder, I didn’t forget
You, or spooje, or vanilla, you bet!
Polycarp’s going strong
As is dear El Kabong
And Aldebaran? Best Pitting yet!

“Are you happy with the name that you got?”
She asked like a self-centered snot,
“With a name like yours-- I’d cry,”
She said. Said I,
“I’m happy with Happy, you sot.”


EddyTeddyFreddy - loved by One and All.
When’s she Pitted, Hell will see a Snowball.

Her posts show so much wit and insight
And she’s got all those cool critters,
Should we appear on her doorstep, invite ourselves in?
Would that give her the jitters?

Ah, Blonde! Was a Doper so fair
Ever seen before? None can compare!
Predict her demise?
A word to the wise:
Mangle her, but don’t dare touch the hair!

vanilla was sitting askance

At her seige did happen to glance

She asked her dear freind,

“Are you thinking of men?”

“Or is that a wabbit I see in your pants?”
So very sorry. Very, very sorry, my pure and angel-like women posters…

Angua was taking a sight

In her scope on one cloudy, dark night

Tir phoned from a pub

While noshing some grub

And asked for a fag and a light.