The Doper Name Limerick Game

I dare you guys to work me into one! :smiley:

One Really Not All That Bright
Once goaded me into a fight
His challenge was terse
“Go write me a verse!”
I resisted with all of my might

That lovely young Woman From Farm
Was born with a superfluous arm
Which was purple
Just like my nurple
But caused me no great alarm*

*Resemblance to Farmwoman is purely coincidental. I haven’t been spying, honest!

RTFirefly heeded the call
Omnipresent had issued to all
To become one with Zen
And his mantra? Why, then
Why not chant with him: OM Waterfall*?

*Now, don’t you go telling me it’s “O-M” and spoil my scansion, you hear?

Czarcasm was quite the mod.
Thought he was Czar, not just a god.
And moving the thread
He though in his head
“These Dopers are certainly odd.”

I’m always willing put my hat in.
To defend ex-mod manhattan.
In one thread when he was heard
To say “I’m the fucking hall monitor”
He quickly was dubbed “banhattan.”

I recall seeing a dutchboy one night
whose numbers have now gone from my sight
but he chose to rename
now I fear his posts will become lame
with his choice of Reallly Not All That Bright

I love that movie, about a Gardner named Chance
who could on nothing give you his stance
for although he was quite slow
there was much he did know
and could teach us with merely a glance

There once was a poster Anthracite
Who when posting was always all right
Now she’s ** Una Persson**
Never answers her phone
And changed her black hair into white.

misstee has agreed to arrange
The Great Dope Post Card Exchange
So we can send and receive views
Of Newport News, Syracuse.
Or the Georgia town of LaGrange

There is a doper named Indygrrl
Her posts sometimes leave me in a whirl
So thought Ghanima
Indygrrl’s anima
Must be treasured, a well-polished pearl.

I’ve heard tell of a poster, BlackDragon,
Who went to fetch beer with a wagon
Why not a tankard or flask
Or a barrel or cask?
Well, he has a really big flagon.

Ooh, ooh, ooh . . . do me!! :eek:

There once was a Doper Aholibah
Who invented a thing called a Rollerbar.
It was better than wheels;
Ran so smoothly, no squeals;
Now just look at those moms push their stroller far!

EdTedFreddy’s obliging, you bet it!
Ask her for a verse and you get it.
No rhyme is to hard
For this limerick bard
Want to stump her? You’d best just forget it.

Under the incorrect notion
that life could be free as the ocean
bittersweet swallowed tears
as she realized her fears
Her spirit, though bruised, is not broken.

I needed to talk to Coldfire
So I typed out and sent him a wire
I asked, “Can I post a link
Without being a fink?”
He said, “Sure. It’ll cost you a fiver.”
yeah, so? I know it doesn’t rhyme.

Though his limerick skills left much to desire
me thinks NoClueBoy adds fuel to this fire
though his efforts are up in smoke
through the cloud of which he does toke
this may be what I most admire

There’s an articulate, intelligent poster name Bricker
about whom I’ve learned something (it’s really quite a kicker)
he’s into that t.v. show Tru Calling
so off the pedestal of my creation he’s falling
because now when I see him I just want to snicker

AWWWW (((((BRICKER))))) :wink: :smiley:

Consider the great Clothahump
With logic, he’s known to trump.
For all of his posts -
Even those about ghosts -
Wind up marked with a “BUMP!”
Having surprised myself with that one, I decided to go for the gold:
Clothahump set up an easel
And started drawing a picture of Cecil
All those who passed by
Would roll up their eyes
And say, “Damn! That looks like a weasel!”
Now that I have roundly insulted The Master, I’d like to simply say how much I have enjoyed being a poster here on the SDMB, because I’m sure my posting privileges will soon be rev*^&%^^^LOST CARRIER

My first two rhymed. And my metre is perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:

Viva ran out from her class
After telling her students they pass
She was late for a meeting
With Dominique Keating
Who was letting her write on his ass

So two out of three you could rhyme
and your metre was perfect each time
but I was praising you Boy
with no underlying ploy
now tell me, is that such a crime?