Edge. org - what seems to be a very cool science/thinking blog


I read about this over the weekend - ever heard of this place? Jeez, why haven’t I? Did a search on the Dope and couldn’t find references, but perhaps my search-fu is weak.

Lots of scientists talking about science and other disciplines. One example is their Annual Contest: scientists share their answers to interesting questions. 2012’s is: What is your favorite deep, elegant or beautiful explanation?


Cool stuff.

I am in no way affiliated with it, just think it looks interesting - and there have been many threads along the lines of “if I am a Doper kinda person, what other websites should I check out?” This might be one…

Thanks for sharing!

Sure! I was getting a little curious - I have assumed that Dopers would be all over this type of site - or know something about this to add more context (or any warnings if there is woo I am missing).

Anyone out there spent time on this site? Or, based on a quick look-see have other sites that seem similar?

This feels like it is similar to TED type content, but perhaps not quite so packaged and spoon-fed, but those are just initial impressions…