Editing posts problems

Is it just me or is the edit post facility being really buggy? I tried to edit a recent post and kept getting long wait times, edit conflicts, the post would disappear entirely only to appear again when refreshing but unedited. Then I would try to edit again and I’d get an error.

Anyway gonna edit this post to see if it’s happening here…

EDIT 1: Well, the topic was posted nice and efficiently. Let’s see if this edit works as expected.

EDIT 2: Okay that was smooth. Maybe there’s nothing to see here… Wait, just got a pop-up:

Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page.

EDIT 3: Okay just hit ignore on that and that posted okay. I corrected a typo on my first edit and so really this is actually edit 4.

EDIT 4 (5?): Ah this is all going okay TBH. Okay carry on as you were, nothing to see here really.

All those symptoms are indicative of a bad internet connection that is cutting in and out. Odds are it’s your end not Discourse’s

The discourse editor saves every keystroke back to the server as you make it. So there’s LOTS of invisible communication going on while you’re typing. The system is designed to be robust, so it detects whenever the server version and the local version of your draft are different. Which triggers the [draft is being edited in another window] messsage.

If your internet drops for a few seconds and then recovers, you’ll never know. But the post editor will.

Similar symptoms occur if the internet is suddenly slow where you are, then recovers, then gets slow again. Happens a lot in hotels, conferences, etc., where theres often more traffic than infrastructure. Or on your phone in a sporting event or other huge crowd situation.

I deal with this whenever I travel. It’s just part of interneting in public. The good news is that if you’re patient, and click [ignore] whenever it asks whether to reload the page, nothing gets lost as long as the internet returns before you close the browser tab.

Interesting thanks.

So long ISP, for next month our contract is over!

Agreed, I run into this sometimes when my internet is bad. In fact, it’s often a sign to me that I’m having a problem with whatever internet connection I’m on, whether I’m in a spot where my phone gets a bad signal or my home internet is flaking out.