Edutainment Theme Day! Yay!

When I woke up this morning my husband had just popped The Gangs of New York in the VCR. We watched that and the DiscoveryChannel documentary “The History of the Gangs of New York” in the special features section.

Since we didn’t feel like watching that long-assed and draggy movie all over again with people talking over it, hubby turned off the DVD player. It happened to be turned on the The History Channel where The Louisiana Purchase was on followed by The Technology of Lewis and Clark.

It was American History Theme Day at Biggirl’s house. I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried. Have any of you had a Theme Day-- planned or unplanned?

Completely off topic but I felt I had to share this with people who would understand. There’s a scene were Bill the Butcher sneaks into Leonardo’s bedroom and stares at him until Leo wakes up. Bill’s sitting in a chair, looking pretty looney with a flag draped around his shoulders and says “Couldn’t sleep.” and without even thinking about it the words “clown’ll eat me” popped out of my mouth. My husband looked at me, shrugged and turned back to the movie. He doesn’t watch The Simpsons on a regular basis.