Eewww!! Shut my ears..Please!!!

Ever overheard a bit of conversation from nearby that you are truly sorry you heard? I was in a private club not long ago, just minding my own business, when I overheard the following exchange between two adults (probably in their 60’s) seated behind me (they were not even trying to talk softly):

He: So when is hubby due home?
She: Oh he’s gone for the whole weekend, not that it matters, even when he’s here he has no time for me. God we haven’t even had sex for months.
He: That must be frustrating for you, what do you do, masturbate?
She: I don’t know how.
He: Well, if you like, I could come over and show you how.
She: Oh, I could never put you to that much bother.
He: Well, I could just tell you how. First you just take off your clothes and lay on your bed, with your legs open…

At this point, I went to the washroom and upon returning, sat at another spot in the room. Now I have this horrible vision of these two in my head, him standing at the foot of her bed yelling “To the right, to the right”.:eek: :eek:
Anyone else overheard something they wish they hadn’t?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have overheard many things before, but none as unbelievably horrid as this. None of mine are worth mentioning after an act like yours…how do you expect us to follow that one up??? :confused: