Effort?? I would have to dive to make that play coach!

Otherwise known as athletes with all the talent in the world but you wouldn’t go to war with them.

Here is a couple starters and a brief explanation.

Jeff George - This guy has all the physical tools you look for in a quarterback but isn’t a guy you would go to war with. Most recent example is last years playoff defeat for the Vikings. He fumbles the snap and makes no effort to recover the ball. Just stands and looks at it.(I’m a Packer fan, I laughed)

Terell Brandon - Bucks pick him up a couple years ago and he sprains his ankle in January…then doesn’t play again. They were trying for a playoff slot and your out over 3 months with a sprained ankle?? Also how many times has he said he might retire. In this case, sorry Minnesota but you got a bum in the Marbury deal.

Roy Tarpley – Nuff said!