Egyptian name pronunciation question.

I apologise for not being able to go into specifics at this time, but my question is simple(ish):

How would one pronounce the (female) Egyptian name of “Tale”? Is it pronounced as it appears, or another way?

I’ll be able to reveal why I need this in a couple of weeks; admittedly, however, it’s not very exciting. Just… secret. ::shifty eyes::

Also, I wasn’t sure if this should go in General Questions or here in IMHO, but put it here because of dialect, proper pronunciation, English pronunciation, and all that other variable junk.

Without seeing the original Arabic it’s hard to know exactly, but I would hazard a guess at “Taa-leh”. The Egypians tend to have a slightly softer long “a” vowel sound than Gulf Arabs (where I live) - the “Taa” part would probably sound more like an elongated version of the “a” sound in “cat”. (I hope that makes sense).