Egyptian presidential election May 23-24

And today two (not the two) leading candidates squared off in a televised debate (ho-hum here, new thing there). And it quickly got acrimonious.

Well, it looks like Egyptian democracy is off to a go- . . . off to a start! :slight_smile:

Egyptians gear up for election. 12 candidates, nobody’s expected to win a majority; almost certainly there will be a run-off in June between the top two finishers. I expect the Muslim Brotherhood (Freedom & Justice Party) candidate, Mohammed Morsy, will be one of them – the MB seems to have the best organization and the biggest base.

Wiki page on the election.

From The Nation:

Egyptian provisional constitution:

Based on the Wikipedia page’s polling data, it looks like four main candidates, really - two old regime hands and two Islamists. Sabahi (the independent/secular leftist) is polling pretty far back. (So is Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, but he has the MB’s party machinery backing him). OTOH, the undecideds were running about 30% in the May polls.

If no one gets 50% +1 of the vote, there will be a runoff on June 16-17; that looks pretty likely to me, though I guess Moussa could pull it out on name recognition. Since the main candidates boil down to Islamists vs. old regime hands, it will be interesting to see if it ends up being one of each or two from one category in the run-off.

No official results yet, but the Muslim Brotherhood is claiming that their candidate (Morsi) finished first and will be in a run-off with Shafiq, so it will be an Islamist vs. old regime hand election.

Egypt results point to deeply divisive runoff race

Well, that was to be expected. But it’s not entirely clear, yet, as to between which two candidates.

Almost certainly one of the runoff-candidates will be MB’s Morsi. Don’t panic. Let’s keep this in perspective. The MB is not going to stone adulterers or make women quit their jobs and wear burqas. That would be Al-Nour.

As for MB (or, in Egyptian elections, the Freedom and Justice Party):

It’s more or less the Islamic equivalent of Christian democracy. No CD party in Europe wants to reinstate the Inquisition or revive the Crusades. (And no sensible Egyptian wants to get so nasty with Israel that U.S. aid dries up – I understand we give roughly equal amounts to both countries.) And we have more than a few Republicans in the U.S. (not the majority of them, I think, not any more) whose gorge would rise at the thought of a female POTUS or a non-Christian POTUS. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the shwarma.

Al Jazeeranow reporting that it looks like Hamdeen Sabahi (the Nasserist/leftist/anti-establishment candidate) fell short and it will be Morsi and Shafik.

Al Jazeera now reporting that Sabahi is demanding the election be suspended over voting irregularities.

Heating up now.

I think you are being very optimistic in comparing the, to the .CD’s. I hope you are right but again, I think you’re a little too hopeful.

A broader topic than the election. GD thread.

Fourth straight night of protests in Tahrir Square, demanding Shafiq and Morsy bow out of the race.

Here’s an election with results that I think more libs will be happy with…as oppossed to the Whisky recall.

Oh, great. The constitutional court just ordered Parliament dissolved.

So, Shafiq is still in and Parliament is out.

Way to change the guard.

Very low turnout for the first day of the runoff election. Nobody seems to like the choices.

Morsy (apparently) wins – FWIW.

Worried U.S. tells Egypt’s military to cede power