"El Cumbanchero"?

So there’s this song called “El Cumbanchero” written by Rafel Hernandez, and recorded by many many artists. Can anyone tell me what the title translates to? I did some extensive Googling, but to no avail (Well, I did find a weird Japanese pop remix of the song… but that was just strange), and none of the standard translation tools I tried worked.
Many thanks.

obstacles. Found in the dictionary under “excitement!”

http://www.diccionarios.com/ defines it as “juergista” that is “fun loving”, “raver”.
But, in this case, the lyrics are:

“A cumba, cumba, cumba, cumbanchero.
A bongo, bongo, bongosero.
Priquití que va sonando el cumbanchero, bongocero que se va,
bongosero que se va.”

A cumba is a hollowed out pumpkin used to carry water and I believe as a musical instrument in some cases. So, a “cumbanchero” is a collection of these pumpkins.