El Paso dopers - yeah right...

Just feeling a little isolated & alone in the city whose nickname should be “We ain’t close to nothing”

So is anybody out there???

Sue from El Paso


I saw the title of your post and 0 replies, so I had to give you a response. I’m nowhere near; I’m in Houston (I know people don’t like hearing about how everything’s bigger in Texas, but really, El Paso to Houston is probably - I’m guessing - the better part of (what? - Atlas is at the office) 750 miles.

But, insidious long term plan in mind here. Two of my dearest friends (and, coincidence, eh? - the gal’s a physician) live in Lubbock, we share a mutual college pal who owns a bookstore in El Paso, my best friend from elementary school is in Abilene, and, Midland being an oiltown, I’ve a few acquaintance there. So, I’m going to try, as time befits, to recruit a few West Texas dopers. We’ll see what happens.



As my call echoes through McKelligon Canyon, I face the reality that I am alone.

I appreciate the nice thought, beatle! You’re right, though - Houston is NOWHERE close to El Paso (757.5 miles according to MapQuest). LA, for reference, is only about 44 miles further… If you do make it ou his way, give me heads up!

Sue from El Paso

I grew up in El Paso and Clint so I know the area really well.

Just to give you some hope, I’ve been moving S-L-O-W-L-Y West over the past coupla months.
Moscow-Florida-Ohio and this weekend I’m heading to Chicago. I’m a little shaky on the arithmetic, but. . .
Considering my average velocity since the end of August, we do have empirical proof that I will be an El Paso doper in- say- 2 1/2 weeks.

“There is nothing you ought to do, for the simple reason that you know nothing, nothing whatever- make a mental note of that, if you please.”
-V. Nabokov

I’m less than half a mile South of Billy Boe.
Want to do Kiki’s sometime?
BTW. Most people think “El Paso” refers to the East/West passage(California, here I come). It’s older than that.
It refers to the North/South passage traders made on the Camino Real in the 1600’s.
That passage was also taken by people getting as far away from Spanish rule as possible. There are still families who light candles on Friday night because it’s a tradition. But they don’t know why. (Is there a Hebrew word for this?)

Majormd, you think YOU’RE alone? I’m in Idaho. There, I’ve admitted it. No one else lives in Idaho. I’m all alone here.


I guess I will take this opportunity to delurk after about a year of not being noticed. I reside in El Paso, have all my life (a short 18 years). I live on Piedras, just a few blocks south of Kiki’s. Just thought I’d let the few El Pasoans know they aren’t alone.

Hey, nice to know you’re out there!

I’m never really alone, since PunditOK (hubby Dale) lives in the same house as I do, but El Paso seems less lonely now. (He was a high volume poster on the old AOL board, but is overwhelmed by the volume of posts here, and quit trying to keep up…)

Kiki’s is good eating; we may have to have a convention of EP dopers there!

Sue from El Paso