Finally! He’s back with his father.

So, isn’t whether he stays in the US or not a moot point?

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No. If his father wants to leave the U.S. and take his child with him, it is most certainly not a moot point.

Incidentally, for folks who haven’t heard about it yet, here’s CNN’s article: http://www.cnn.com/2000/US/04/22/cuba.boy.05/index.html

One interesting part – a woman in the crowd claimed the agents “gassed women and children,” yet there was no mention, one way or the other, about such tactics. Considering there was video being taken inside the house (don’t know by whom), that should be easily shown to be true or false.

What I’m waiting for now is for Elian to change his mind and then say he wants to go back to Cuba.

How much do y’all want to bet that the Miami-based relatives will then file legal action saying that Elian is too young to make that decision for himself?

Won’t matter, Monty, because in that case, the person authorized to make the decision on the child’s behalf is the custodial parent. So the Miami relatives would have to argue that they should have custody instead of Elian’s father. As an argument, that’s a non-starter, unless they can show, say, abuse by the father. Which I wouldn’t be surprised they allege again, for just that reason.


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