Elite Dangerous

It will be interesting to see how the death mechanics play out. Elite has a good balance where death has some serious implications to make avoiding reckless behaviour a good idea and gave us the fuel rats and all , but you still get to respawn your fully engineered ship without the grind, which makes no in game sense but if they didn’t people would take no risks.
With ground combat I just wonder if it will be much fun if the death consequences are too high and it’s not easy to respwn, but making it too easy may just be too much suspension of disbelief for the game system.
Personally I really liked planetside 2 for ground combat, so my opinions can probably be disregarded.

Would be nice if “death” is actually incapacitation and capture, requiring captured prisoners to escape from some nearby prison. With anti-camping measures in place to keep griefers from preventing escape; anyone found trying to camp a prison should be in solitary confinement for a certain amount of time.

IOW, a planetary version of the detention center megaship without the ship rebuy.

I like that idea, I also saw on the link it forces people with a high notoriety to respawn in essentially solo play.

These last fee weeks have been chaos work wise , I hope to get back to some jump and honking soon.

Neo-Nazis established a newbie concentration camp on XBox.

[P]layers were instructed to outfit a new starship in a particular way that limited its range to less than two light-years. As a consequence, they were unable to travel to another star system without the help of a Fleet Carrier.

“Do Fuel Rats rescue pilots trapped in essentially concentration camps?” reads the chat log, to which the dispatcher on duty that evening responded with confusion — “o.O”

The dispatcher assumed that the player was referring to an in-game mechanism that puts misbehaving players in “jail,” sending them to a penitentiary ship for high crimes and misdemeanors against AI-controlled ships. But it quickly became apparent something more sinister was going on.
The Fuel Rats are a good bunch. In fact, they recently logged rescue number 100,000, an achievement that was celebrated by Elite Dangerous publisher Frontier Developments in-game. But they don’t actually offer a service whereby they save people from labor camps. So the Fuel Rats called in the specialists. Known as the Hull Seals, the newly-formed group performs high-risk repairs and other oddball rescues.

A player in the Fuel Rats named Commander Lead was among the first to start organizing a rescue. Commander Modemus was put in command of that effort and, using various Hull Seal assets — including multiple Fleet Carriers of their own — they mounted a rescue operation. After several weeks of work, around a dozen newbie commanders have been pulled out and brought to safety. He tells Polygon that they think as many as 15 more players are still trapped, although at least some may be willing participants. The operation is now under the control of another player, Commander Either.

(Elite’s code of conduct prohibits naming and shaming of other players, so I’ll not be revealing the name of the [Discord] server or of the individuals that I encountered there. But to put things into context, know that the server itself is named after one of Adolf Hitler’s favorite Panzer divisions.)

Great line from the article

Unlike other professions in Elite , being a dirtbag takes hard work, creativity, and the willingness to be the kind of asshole that thinks outside the box.

Well I spent the weekend getting a guardian FSD booster and so am back in the Oh No Not Again , my AspX with a 59ly jump range and about to take two business class passengers 22,000 ly to experimental habitat 003.
Got a 6 a fuel scoop , 5h guardian FSD boost , 3d business class cabin, big weave shields an auto field maintenance unit and the usual set of s, canners and SRV
One laser just in case and a heat sink launcher.
I really need to be careful about hitting stars
Well going to be a long ass trip .

11,000 ly in, found some more weird Crystals, mapped an earth like world, discovered 20 or 30 new systems and those nebulas are getting bigger in the window and looking very pretty . Love the way the star density increases .
Almost thinking I’ll divert to Sagittarius A before heading home

Booooonnngggggg, frame shift drive charging…

That was a long arse numbing journey
Arrived Arrived - Album on Imgur

I’m back in the ED galaxy after a 6-year hiatus! Funny how so much has changed, and so much is still the same.

I love this game, it’s unlike any other I’ve played. I find myself trying to steer the path in between extremes of boredom, fatigue…and the senses of overwhelm and awe. If I get too far off this path, I run the risk of losing interest / giving up.

I focused on exploration before, and netted a big wad of dough upon returning to settled territory. Yes, it was a time consuming, actually exhausting, journey. Now I’m just fiddling around, experimenting with hauling passengers, doing missions, upping my Federation rank, etc. I’ve yet to land on a planet and am looking forward to doing so. The biggest “fun” for me at the moment is ascending that learning curve again; I still can’t figure out how to do a number of kind of basic things at the moment but it’s keeping my interest level high.

I typically play in “solo” mode such that it’s only NPCs who try to gank (interdict) me. They’re pretty easy to avoid tho.

Nice image. What is it?

Sagittarius A , the big black hole at the center of the galaxy 25 000 ly from Sol.
On my last trip long passenger trip I diverted there and then headed back home, about a 60 000 ly round trip, but I did make 180 million in exploration money.

I then bought a Krait phantom and engineered it up as a 45 ly all purpose passenger/ mission ship and then recently bought a Vulture and just messing round with combat in the Zaonce system ( current home base) and practicing with flight assist off and different weapons etc.
I’ll probably stick with that and see about engineering weapons and maybe some guardian weapons for a month or two. Then I’ll get back to the Krait, shed some weight and maybe head out into the black for some deep space exploration and see what I can find.
So many different avenues to take.

Understood! I see that it is a common destination for explorers. Maybe someday… :wink:

Some days, and days, and days

There are some cool missions right now, the in game story had a bunch of attacks on various space stations . So other than taking medical supplies to the nearby rescue mega ships for mucho moolah , you can also load up on economy cabins and fly into the damaged stations, land on a pad and pick up a bunch of refugees as passengers then deliver them to the nearby rescue ship for cash or rep.
It’s a short ride between the station and the rescue ship so you can rack up the missions but… you have to dock and leave on manual and there is a bunch of debris floating around inside the station and the heat goes up at a crazy rate due to the station damage.
So load up on heat sinks and economy cabins and go save some people .
I don’t recommend anything larger than a medium ship , with the debris there is not a lot of room and the station entry mail slot is also damaged.

Reacting to Limmon’s response in the Star Citizen thread, I didn’t want to write a huge, sprawling essay about my thoughts about Odyssey. So suffice it to say that I’m stoked at the immersion aspects of it, and indifferent to the combat side since I half-expect it to be a bunch of short-ranged combat taking place in confined areas with few opportunities for vehicles to have meaningful impact.

I kind of half-dread somebody sitting a few kilometers away from a popular planetary base with a sniper rifle and an aimbot, picking off people as they land. I don’t expect much in the way of proper combined arms combat for now, but if the DLC turns out to be wildly popular, the developers will eventually add more ground combat options as Elite continues to steal Star Citizen’s lunch.

I have played a loooot of Elite: Dangerous. I will probably wind up playing a lot more on foot.

The alpha is installing as I type this. I expect to play a bit on my lunch hour tomorrow.

I’m sure there’s an NDA so I won’t be saying anything else about it until launch or the NDA is lifted, whichever comes first.

Be cool to hear what you have to say, I am thinking about stumping up for the alpah etc if only to suppet the game.

Somehow my upgrade didn’t take so now it’s upgrading again. :frowning:

I’m sure you can’t talk about Elite Dangerous Odyssey. I’m not asking you to violate your NDA.

If it should happen you have some opionions about Shmelite Shmangerous Shmodyssey, though, I’m pretty interested in that.