Elite Dangerous

I suppose it’s okay to say that all I’ve been able to do so far is create my alternate commander. FDev made that bit public knowledge.

Between commander creation and configuring the on-foot controls, I didn’t really have time to do anything before going to bed.

Thanks for following up!.

Really looking forward to all the things a CMDR can do outside of the spacecraft. Been hoping for a good treatment of this experience since at least as far back as the hype before the launch of No Man’s Sky. Even better if it’s part of Elite, a game I actually enjoy and am somewhat good at.

I watched a (overly long and not really edited) stream on YT last night from “Sepulcher Geist” aka Spatula Geese, kind of trying to figure out ED: Odyssey as well as the controls at the same time, for the first time, starting with a brand-new CMDR and in a station full of not only NPCs but other live players. (You can always tell…they’re the ones moving erratically, at hyperkinetic speeds and generally goofing off. Someday, as a society, we need to do something about that…)

It looked pretty interesting! I especially liked the building interiors and exteriors. Adds a HUGE depth to the game that was hinted at previously but not fully explored. It’s early alpha, and I’ve got other things I am supposed to be doing so…maybe I’ll give it a whirl this fall or early 2022.

If you aren’t familiar with Obsidian Ant on YouTube, he has a lot of good Elite Dangerous videos, and his latest ones are showcasing Odyssey: Elite Dangerous Odyssey - My First Two Missions And How I Failed - YouTube

I wind up playing Elite in spurts, and I’m in a down-cycle at the moment. Most of my time was spent in combat, and my HOTAS is malfunctioning. (Well, it’s a late-Logitech X52, so post-Mad Cats, post-Saitek, and what got deleted was tiresome snark about how my purchase was all price and no value.)

The game is awfully pretty and I have quite a number of glamour shots of my ship, my pilot, my wife’s ship, my wife’s pilot, both of us, both of our ships, our ships and our pilots… if I knew shame, I’d be embarrassed I suppose.

So does walking around my ship to get a sense of scale and more screenshots appeal? YES. Not $45 Canadian worth, but there’s some value there, I’m not gonna lie. The ships are sumptuously detailed, and I’m a sucker for that sort of thing. So I’m looking forward to making my buddies take strolls around my Cutter before we fly out and play Pocket Carrier Shenanigans.

If I can walk around inside my ship and check out the workings? Awesome. It’s not likely to happen as it’s an awful lot of work for little gameplay value, but I’d really like to truly appreciate the scale of these vessels we’re flying.

The core of it is the FPS, and I love a good FPS but I want to do more than just shoot guys. Obviously there’ll be engineering aspects to it, but I’d like if it there was lots of support gear to be used in FPS mode, various sorts of gear that wasn’t just “shoot more” or “tank more”. Intel, camouflage, sabotage, ECM/ECCM, etc.

I know the only ground vehicle is the little exploration buggy and whatever AI drones the bases have, I’m not expecting any meaningful sort of combined arms within the first year. But it would be nice. (Do I want to land my Cutter, filled to the brim with hovertanks and fighters, and interfere with a ground battle? VERY YES.)

The ultimate decider for me will be if the FPS combat is varied enough to make me want to stick with it for awhile. Messing with the background sim was never a strong motivator for me.

I should maybe apologize for rambling. I’ll get around to it eventually.

Yay! I was able to take a mission and complete it!

Back to work…

I forked up for the alpha and loaded it up.
Be nice if they had a default key map…
Spent 10 minutes figuring out where to find the shuttle then 10 minutes to travel, those taxi drivers need to learn where the balls meet the walls.
Ran around a nice looking moon base, found my weapon plan I was supposed to pick up, ran out side and back in and then an NPC who was perfectly nice to me previously killed me. Couldn’t seem to draw a weapon but I probbaly effed up a key binding. Not sure if in space station voice chat is available either, be sort of cool to talk to others.
Usual level of instruction available that we have come to know and love from frontier :slight_smile:
Anyway with some graphics optimization etc this is going to be pretty cool so long as we won’t have to rely on the taxi service in the real game

I suspect that, once we are able to access a ship & SRV, taxis will largely be for the benefit of newbies whose ships don’t yet have much of a jump range. Or one-way trips to buy a ship rather than buying a low-end ship where we are then selling when we get to where the ship we really want is sold.

ETA: I wonder what the going rate for a taxi to Colonia will be.

If you could stroll arround the inside of one of the luxury liners during transit that would be cool, maybe ruck up to a terminal and play a little bit of a computer game like original elite or the star wars arcade game.

Well 1 out of 4 missions done, shot on one, suit ran out of power and had no idea how to recharge, and then the shuttle got stuck on launch and we blew up in the space station! Oh got stuck in the booking desk as well. Still its all pretty entertaining so far, it’s going to add a good dimension to the game.

From what I’ve read, there likely won’t be transport between the two bubbles. Possibly not even within Colonia’s bubble.

I’ve just started playing this game. Wow, what a beautiful addiction!

For those of you who play open, how much do other players affect your enjoyment of the game (negative and positive). I’m usually a single player type but I could change my ways for the right game.

I don’t have any experience playing conventional open player vs player, it always seems like a small amount of players play games 24/7 and steamroll everyone else. Not sure if Elite is like that, and the galaxy is big.

If you are more interested in player vs enemy than player vs player, but still want other players around, check out Mobius PvE. I still don’t see many players but I tend to explore the far reaches of the galaxy. I found it fun to be the first to discover systems.

I’ve had a Rift for a little over two years now and finally tried E:D & Minecraft in VR.

Considering how much motion sickness I was getting just by walking around Minecraft for a couple minutes, I’m probably only going to use it for my explorer alt in E:D.

I pre-ordered today, but I didn’t fork the extra money for the alpha. I’m already involved in a couple of alphas for online games, I don’t need to pay someone to playtest for them.