If that’s not a strange confluence of acroyms I don’t know what is. I just finished working a PBS pledge drive in Phoenix at KUAT. The main program was The Producers but at nine it switched to an “ELO” concert video from the new album Zoom I put it in quotes because they kept plugging it as a reuniting of the group it was no such thing, just Jeff Lynne. No other members from any lineup of the band. Still it was kinda cool to hear Jeff sing all those old songs. I actually have the Zoom CD. They’ll be playing in Phoenix at the state fair in October. Anyone want to come?

Here in MD it’ll be on Ch. 22 on Saturday night. I’ll be out of town. Is it worth setting the VCR (VCR- just to add to your conglomeration of letters)?

Thanks for the FYI about the ELO on PBS!

I’d be interested in doing that. What day will they be there? Wanna get the reserved, “up front” tickets? That’d be my preference.

If I had known my roommate was out with a friend last night, and not up in his room sleeping, I would’ve cranked up my stereo for “Roll Over Beethoven.” ELO’s cover of that is one of the best covers out there, IMO.

It’s the 12th, but the AZ fair site doesn’t show it for some reason. Let me check my calender.

… AAAAH crap!

Jeff, I just realized a major conflict. I’ll be at the cabin on vacation the 12th-17th I completely let that slip my mind when I said I’d go to LA.

Argh! I spoke too soon amend the last post. I don’t know why I thought the LA trip was that weekend. I can still go to LA.

The concert still conficts with vacation but I’ll forgo a day in the cabin to see the concert. Ann was not enthused about it but an old friend I worked with at the Bio dome would probably be good for it.

<looks sheepish as co-workers and boss come into cubicle to ask “WTF is your problem shriek boy?”>

It looks like the ELO show is off. Apparently ticket sales have been so dismal the whole tour has been cancelled.

Really? Darn!

They were supposed to come here to Dallas on October 10th. I’ll bet the poor dopes who shelled out $240.00 to get the front row feel like suckers now.

I saw ELO Part II (Mik Kaminski and the others) last year in Richardson at the Wildflower! Festival, and it was a blast. They did a few numbers by themselves, then brought in the Richardson Symphony Orchestra to back them up for the rest of their set, and it was wonderful.

I thought it was strange, too, that Lynne was the only one back for this. Zoom isn’t that great, either. It kinda reminds me of Lynne’s solo effort from a few years back, Armchair Theatre.

Say, where’s Mr. Blue Sky on this?

No kidding! He better show up or else Face The Music.
(Sorry, just couldn’t resist)


I just read about the cancellation. Really sucks even though I wasn’t able to go (they were to be in Atlanta in October).

I guess it’s true: nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.