Elseworlds: CW Arrowverse crossover event 2018

The big Arrowverse crossover event this year, which will be introducing Batwoman, has been entitled “Elseworlds”. In the comic book world, Elseworlds is the DC imprint for stories that are not in the established canon. The TV folks have released a poster for the crossover, which must be seen to be believed:

I debated whether to put this into the Batwoman thread. But the crossover is really its own thing which, as the poster demonstrates, doesn’t necessarily include Batwoman. Plus we’ve now got a thread in which to discuss the crossover when it arrives.

Stuff we already know about the crossover:
[li]Batwoman and Gotham City will be introduced.[/li][li]The Flash and Supergirl are technically switching nights.[/li][li]Legends of Tomorrow will not be included.[/li][li]Superman will appear and he’s bringing Lois Lane along.[/li][/ul]

Wow. That poster!

The crossover is currently in production. Stephen Amell just tweeted this shot from the set.



Wait, is that second Flash the guy from the original TV show, who also played Barry’s father in the current show?

It does kind of look like he could be John Wesley Shipp.

Here’s a closer look: [spoiler]https://i.redd.it/4tgld80rawt11.jpg

It’s a pretty good recreation of the suit from the 1990 show.

Parallel worlds are one of my Favorite Sci Fi and Comic Book sub Genres although the last big crossover (which was indeed awesome) kind of already dipped into this well.

I think I would have liked a crossover that was set in the the “real” world but all took place in Gotham. Gotham City is iconic enough to be the glue that holds a story line together.

It is, according to his own tweet this morning.

And damn, I’m suddenly really excited about this- I loved that old show. I just hope that he gets to meet up with Dr. Tina McGee again.

Stephen Amell just looks weird as Flash. He’s a ripped guy (of course), but he looks scrawny in that suit. Grant Gustin, on the other hand, actually looks pretty bad-ass as Green Arrow.

Our first glimpse of Batwoman and Supergirl together. Not a spoiler since we already know Batwoman is being introduced in the crossover: https://i.redd.it/d8r4viuj6mu11.jpg

This is what Batwoman’s full costume looks like: https://i.redd.it/jkbx8qozb6r11.jpg

We got our first trailers for the crossover during this week’s Arrow and The Flash. No spoilers now since you’d have seen them if you’d watched the respective shows:

Elseworlds promo 1: https://youtu.be/OPx5ur9cOVw
Elseworlds promo 2: https://youtu.be/AwlYj37qits

Iris kissing Oliver is just too freaky.

And now, here’s Lois and Clark: https://i.redd.it/1nwhso6vhcx11.jpg

It’d be nice to have Tom Welling show up.

Yeah, when for a while you didn’t see Superman’s face in Supergirl (like in the intro, where he’s backlit), I had hopes it’d turn out to be Tom.

Hey, in an Elseworlds universe, it could be George Reeves!

I mean, they’ve already got Brandon Routh right there.

A new photo of Batwoman from EW: https://ew.com/tv/2018/11/15/ruby-rose-batwoman-elseworlds-crossover-photo/

The accompanying article has some slight spoilers, so don’t read it if you care about those.

Official comic book-style poster: https://i.redd.it/zaa0gqtt4qy11.jpg

I hear that Legends is going to make a cameo during the crossover. If we’re lucky, it’ll be Brandon Routh as Superman. My guess is it’ll probably be Beebo.

Two criticisms of that poster:

1: They should have included actor names (Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin, Steven Amell and Ruby Rose) like they were creator credits on an actual cover. It would have made it look more like a real cover.
2: Wish the artist had signed it…a) it would, again, have made it look more like an actual cover, and b) I really wanna know who did it.

Art is by Amy Reeder. She’s done both Supergirl and Batwoman comics so this is rather apropos.

I knew it looked familiar. I really love Reeder’s stuff.

… And looking again, I see she did sign it. I think I was looking in the wrong place before.:smack: