Elvis Question

A lady I work with claims to have a ticket to for an Elvis concert that was scheduled to take place several days after his death. She has asked me to check EBAY and several other sources to see how much it might be worth.

My question is: Was Elvis performing concerts during his last days? I thought Elvis was very sick in the weeks and months prior to his death and would not be scheduling any concerts.

That assumes, of course, that Elvis is truly dead.

Being from the area, I happen to know that Elvis was schedule to play Roanoke, VA next. I have no idea how much the tickets would be worth, but that information might help you track them down on Ebay.

Here is a site that displays tickets for Elvis shows scheduled for dates after his death.

Thanks Biffy, I feel honored to have one of your 13 posts. Judy has tickets for one of the Memphis shows. She told me the face value was $15. I think they would be worth more now.