Email won't text-wrap? Huh?

I’ve got some weird problem between my email and that of a friend. When I send her messages, they don’t text-wrap. They wrap just fine in all sizes of viewboxes on my screen, and they wrap just fine when I send them to other people. When she hits “reply”, my messages wrap just fine in the reply box. This is a problem that she has with just my email, nobody else’s.

I thought maybe it was a problem with some sort of incompatibility between Outlook and Yahoo mail, so I tried sending stuff to my Yahoo account. The stationary was gone, but the text wrapped just fine. Clearly, that’s not the problem, or at least not all of the problem.

Since everyone else sees my messages just fine, I tend toward thinking it’s some funky setting on her computer or her email account. But if that’s the case, why would it only affect my messages?

Anybody got answers, hints, tips, or straws to grasp at? This is getting really frustrating.

It would help greatly if you said outright what email client you use and what client your friend is using.


I thought when she mentioned “Outlook” and “Yahoo! Mail,” she was saying which clients she was using.

Sounded explicit to me. Yahoo! is, of course, web-based, but that’s still a valid type of client.