When you hold the pointer over the “embarrassment” smiley in the box to the left of the text area, the ToolTip that comes up reads “embarrasment.” Might want to fix that. Or not. I dunno.

I can think of plenty things that the staff have corrected.

You get smileys? In a box to the left of the text area?? Wonder why I don’t – I need them as much as the next person!

What the-?

I was replying to another post; where’d it go?

That’s because you’re using the “quick reply” box at the end of the thread. If you click “post reply” you get a page that includes available smileys and formatting for your post.

Are you doing quick reply?

If you are, they aren’t there.
Just click the post reply button next to the new thread button, and your smilies will be the left, in all their glory.

Pssst. Read Ed Zotti’s announcement, then do the math. :wink:

Oh my gosh! :smack: What fun! Thank you, thank you.

Well, on the preview screen it looks as if these aren’t working for me. Maybe when I post it, it will be okay. Either way, I’ve still learned something.

Ah, I get it Q.E.D.

Kinda strange for a guy with one post and a reg. date this month to be complaining about the staff never correcting errors.


Dig. Nice catch, Demonstrandum.

Well…Thank all of ye from me, too!
I liked the one MizQuirk used::smack:
I’m still trying to learn and am uhm…noivus :confused: :frowning:

smiles bashfully
Is this the wrong place to practice?
uhm…better worded…is this an okay place to practice?
Do experienced posters :rolleyes: new posters?

Well, skyzoo, not really. Most people try to help new people along the way, like I am. Yes, this is the place to post tests of board function, or a question about the technicals of the board. If you wish to discuss an issue with a member of the administration., do it in the pit.


Since this is the place to learn, I’d like to know the meaning of this quote. Looks as if it’s to someone called Demonstrandum, but I don’t see him/her as a poster here. What gives?

Next, I’ll worry about what you’re talking about!

That would be me. Q.E.D. is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum. It was sort of like him calling me by my last name, as it were.

And if there are any doubts as to whether that is the correct rendering of QED, there is a thread in GQ that is currently heading towards a divergent limit that will advise somewhere therein…


There is no doubt whatsoever what it stands for. The debate is about what it means.

Hmmmmm. Thanks for the replies.

This is a learning place! :wink:

I said neither of those things. I said “rendering”. That word has all kinds of colour that the other two do not.

Clever, eh?