Embarrassing question for women.

Any women have life experiences or know of another woman that has lost a bikini top or bathing suite at the beach or pool. What she did in that situation or what is best way to deal with that situation.

pull it back up?

Hard as hell to lose a suite… I don’t think I could get drunk enuff… :smiley:

Let me guess: You’re in your boyfriend’s parent’s pool right now, and one minute you’re having a rollicking good time playing volleyball, and the next you notice ‘the girls’ are free.

Judging from the urgency in your post, I can tell we haven’t got much time here.

First thing you do: Get your laptop out of the pool. That’s bad.

Sorry, I hit submit too quick.

Second: Create a distraction away from the pool. Since you can’t very well get out of the pool to do this, you should yell “Bare!” and point toward the house. Everyone’ll think you yelled “Bear!” and make a beeline toward the potato salad.

Third: When everyone’s scattered, you find your top and quickly return it to its proper place.

When the crowd returns and asks what the hell you were talking about, you calmly state you have no idea what they’re talking about, and suggest ya’ll get back to the volleyball game at hand, fercryinoutloud.


Lost accidentally, no. Took it off on purpose, yes.

So I guess my answer of “get out of the pool and walk to your towel” probably isn’t going to help you much here. Although boyfriend’s parent’s pool would be awkward. Call out to someone else to bring your towel, and just handle yourself with dignity. It’s just titties; everyone’s seen 'em.

I lost my top in a wave pool ( IN PUBLIC ) when I was 16. I just covered up and asked the guy who found it to give it back to me.

It wasn’t really a big deal, unless you count being stared at by everyone for a very long time as something bad.

The beach can be an issue. Don’t worry about getting your top back. Beat the hell out of the thug who thought it would be funny to untie your strings.

Jump up and down??
I’ve been the male on the receiving end of the missing/dislodged top. I just smiled and said nothing. Didn’t want to embarass the poor girl, ya know.

And they say chivalry is dead. :slight_smile:
Actually, that is probably the best thing you could do, IMO.

Yep, this happened to me on Spring Break on Melbourne Island, Florida when I was 17. I was there with a bunch of girl friends and we were playing Volleyball with a bunch of guys from Lousiana. I had a little crush on one of the guys we were playing with. I played Volleyball all through highshool, but never in a bikini. I was (is) well endowed and when I jumped up to block a serve…well, the girls decided it was time to see the sun. I turned around and one of the girls off to the side tossed a towel at me. She ran over, held the towel for me and I put my top back on. Funny, the guy noticed me then and we spend the remainder of the week quite close. :smiley:

Everyone had quite the laugh at my expense and reminded me of it the rest of the way through high school. Thank goodness no one had a camera! :o

On my first attempt at surfing at Waikiki Beach in summer, I wiped out and the two little triangles that made up my bikini top shifted sideways, leaving the two not-so-little things they had been covering visible to one heck of a lot of tourists. I was young, naive, and easily embarrassed. What did I do? Drop down until the water was up to my neck, adjust the relevant bits, stand back up and try to look cool. I also made a mental note never to surf in that type of bikini again! :o

It was more amusing than embarrassing, and I still advise doing what I did then – try to look cool while fixing the situation, and remember that a lot of people think blushing is charming.


And where the hell were all these bikini top loosing girls when I was a damn teenager?..sigh

I know you asked about information from the ladies, but I had an experience in a similar vein.

I was at a convention a few years back and people were going to hang out in the hotel’s hot tub and pool. I hadn’t brought a bathing suit, but figured that I could wear a pair of my (clean) boxers. Then the problem began. I thought about it too much. I figured, “Hmm…the chlorine in the water can tend to cause things to fade. What will suffer the least fading. Ah yes, something white.” I then proceeded to wear boxers that were primarily white.

My folly was brought to my attention a little later. Well, there was nothing I could really do about it but keep spending time in the water. I did minimize my trips between the hot tub and the pool, the the towel went right on before I headed back to my room, but that was about it

Sorry I can’t help for the missing tops. In France [nearly] all the females don’t have tops.

Don’t misunderstand me guys : this is not a necessarily a good thing ! :cool:
Well, I lost my bottom once after a dive and went underwater to get it back. As simple as that.


That all depends, when were you a teenager?

What’s a bathing suit???